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A Good For / Not Good For

Good for:

It is easy to understand why gas grills are more popular than charcoal grills. They are convenient and easy to operate. Their advantages don’t stop at those two words, but those two words alone are satisfactory to most.

Starting up such grill is pretty easy. A typical gas grill takes fifteen minutes to heat up, holds temperatures steadily, is easy to clean, and is great for indirect and multi-zone grilling.

If you are starving and would like to fill your tummy within an hour, you can count on your gas grill. A mid-range gas model can reach temperatures of 400 to 600°. Most grills of the sort use ceramics, lava rocks, and metal plates to radiate heat, so there are no flare-ups, open flames, and maintenance is as easy as it gets.

You can expect to get many accessories and extra features with such a model. It’s not uncommon for such a model to come with side burners, storage drawers, spice racks, side tables, and night lights. The side burners allow you to prepare side dishes and keep your sauces warm.

Not Good for:

Every grill has its disadvantages as gassers aren’t any different. The dials might not be as clear cut as one would expect. For example, on a moderately hot day, one dial setting is equal to 275°, but on a colder day with a bit of wind, the same setting could be 225°.

The biggest disadvantage of most inexpensive gassers is that they cannot reach temperatures high enough for grilling a steak crunchy on the outside without overcooking the inside.

For those who prefer well-done steaks, a gasser is an ideal choice. However, if you like steaks that are rare on the inside, a mid-range gasser won’t be any good.

Luckily, high-end models are excellent for both. They typically incorporate infrared technology to solve the issue.

Top Rated Grills

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Review of the products

Char Broil Tru Infared 2 Burner Gas Grill

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0

A gasser that was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It’s also one of the most compact gas grills on the market. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t lack any important features.

However, the most significant selling point of this model is its infrared system. The infrared technology allows you to cook the meat evenly, without worrying about flare-ups. The Char Broil Tru Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill runs on propane and is a great alternative to standard gassers.

A lot of gas grills produce too much convection heat and require a sear burner to reach steak house-level temperatures. On the other side, we have infrared gassers that are perfect for searing, but do not have a low-temperature range. The Char Broil Tru Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill takes the best from both worlds.

Using this model is as easy as it gets. The manufacturer claims to have designed the Tru-Infrared to be budget-friendly, offer a wide temperature range, prevent flare-ups, reduce fuel consumption, and, naturally, cook juicy meats. So far, no one can say that the grill doesn’t deliver on its promises.


  • Infrared Technology
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mobile App
  • Consistent, Tasty Results
  • Cast Iron Grates
  • Even Heat


  • Assembly Takes Time
  • DESIGN 70% 70%
  • PRICE 80% 80%

Weber Genesis ii E-310

Pitmaster Rating: 4.2

Turns out, the company that gave us the first kettle grill and perfected it is just as good at manufacturing gassers. This particular model comes in two versions: natural gas or liquid propane. It’s a setup that’s comprised of high-quality elements and that features the most innovative technology.

Just as one would expect from a Weber, this setup is durable and reliable. Weber doesn’t have any doubts about it as they offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The heat the burners produce is high and consistent, so there are no worries about the food drying out.

The Genesis ii E-310 is equipped with three main high-grade 304 stainless steel burners, all of which produce 37,500 BTU. The grill can also reach 500° in 8 minutes. Don’t let the BTU output worry you; the well-crafted structure makes the setup excellent at retaining heat while saving fuel.

Each gap between the burners features a 9000 BTU sear zone. Aside from the main cooking area, there’s a 150 sq in heating rack.


  • iGrill3 Ready
  • Easy to Operate
  • Evenly Cooked Meat, Retains Juices and Flavor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Solid Build
  • Side Tables with Integrated Hooks


  • No Windshield
  • Assembly Takes Time
  • DESIGN 78% 78%
  • PRICE 74% 74%

Holland “The Liberty” Gas Grill

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

Perhaps the Holland Liberty Gas Grill isn’t as famous as some other names on the list, but it is still just as efficient and reliable. On top of that, it’s manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty on the burner cooking grid.

With this model, you can’t forget all about flare-ups thanks to the heat control guards and drip pan. Moreover, it’s a grill fit for any purpose. The Liberty Gas Grill is equipped with a 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner and a stainless steel deflector plate.

The setup radiates heat evenly. Aside from preventing flare-ups, the aluminum sizzle tray also makes sure the meat retains all of its tasty juices.

 The stainless-steel lid and the cast-aluminum firebox are both powder-coated. In part, they make this product so long-lasting. With this model, you can grill, smoke, steam, bake desserts, and slow cook. Each time, you can expect the same, tasty results.

 The ventilation system is comprised of dual smoke stacks located in the lid. They ensure adequate airflow.


  • Solid Construction
  • Powder-Coated Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty on Main Parts
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
  • 20,200 BTU Cast-Iron Burner
  • Versatile
  • No Flare-Ups
  • Piezoelectric Rotary Ignition


  • Lengthy Assembly
  • Limited Temperature Control
  • DESIGN 60% 60%
  • PRICE 77% 77%

Blackstone Tailgater Combo

Pitmaster Rating: 4.5

Here we have a nice portable grill that comes at a pocket-friendly price. Even though it is highly portable, it’s still a very versatile setup.

The Tailgater comes with a cold-rolled steel griddle plate, heavy-duty grill box, and sturdy iron grill grates. There are also two independently controlled burners. Aside from being very portable, unlike most gassers, it’s also quite easy to assemble – something that you can rarely expect from such a model.

 It’s the perfect all-purpose cooking setup – combining a grill, griddle, and a stovetop. You can remove the grill box for range-style cooking. There’s also a griddle that allows for flat-top cooking.

 The Tailgater was designed with adventurists in mind – just pick it up and drop it anywhere. Simply set up the foldable legs and you’re ready to start. If you want to make things even easier on yourself, you can buy a special Tailgater transportation bag.

 It also serves as excellent protection from the elements. The frame is made of powder-coated steel so that rust won’t be causing you any trouble. This gasser was built to endure daily wear and tear.


  • Power Ignition Key
  • Comes with Grease Trays
  • Budget-Friendly
  • All-Ground Adjustable Legs
  • Portable
  • Multi-Functional Cooking Platform
  • Two Individually-Operated Burners
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Assembly


  • Propane Tank Not Included
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 79% 79%

Weber Q 1000

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

It seems that the company is adamant about producing high-quality grills for every chef and every purpose. Their popular portable W 100 model was given a rebirth in the form of the Weber Q 1000. It turns out they have manufactured one of the best portable and compact gas grills money can buy.

 The Weber Q 1000 offers 189 sq in of cooking space, with ought to be enough for a small-time campsite cookout. Just as the previous portable model on this list, and unlike most gassers, it’s quite easy to set up and clean up.

 It ought to be considered necessary camping equipment. Charcoal grills have their advantages, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere, basking in the sun, enjoying the breeze and the soothing scent of forest trees, you’re probably aren’t up for firing up charcoal, dealing with flare-ups, and the annoying cleanup. The Weber Q 1000 is there to help you keep things simple and tasty.

 Starting it requires a simple push of a button. While its BTU output is just 8500, it has all you need for grilling juicy steaks and burgers in the wild.


  • Push Button Ignition
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
  • Premium Construction Quality
  • Plenty of Accessories
  • Compact
  • Highly Portable
  • Very User-Friendly
  • Portable


  • No Thermometer
  • DESIGN 82% 82%
  • PRICE 72% 72%

GAS Grills – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

There’s nothing more American than a backyard barbecue. To some, it really is an integral part of being an American, and one can certainly understand why. And any proper chef must know that skills, food quality, and preparation are not enough – a proper meal requires a proper grill.

So let’s say you’ve settled the age-old debate over which grills are better, gassers or charcoal, and decided to go for a gas grill as they are simpler and more convenient. But, what comes next? Here are a few factors you need to be aware of before making the purchase.

Beyond the Burger

A standard, midrange gasser is OK when it comes to hot dogs and burgers, but what about sizzling steaks with sear marks and grilling fish? For such purposes, you’ll need a model that offers a wide temperature range.

If you up for a roast or some ribs, you need a setup that bodes well with indirect cooking. It’s an excellent way of slow-cooking large or tough cuts.

Measuring the Heat

The British Thermal Units, abbreviated as BTU, tells us about the amount of gas a grill uses and the temperature it can generate. However, it’s often misleading.

More BTU doesn’t mean your steak will be properly seared not does it mean faster heating up.

Instead, the mechanisms and the design of a grill ought to be considered a better indicator of that.


An essential part of any gasser, but also the most often replaced one as well. Having to replace the burners is not uncommon. You can expect them to last up to ten years.

You can judge the quality of the burners by the warranty on them. A burner with a ten-year warranty ought to last much longer than those with no such backup. Even though assembling a gas grill is typically not easy, replacing a burner only takes ten minutes.

The Construction

When buying a gasser, pay attention to the build. If you are buying one in person, jostle it a bit to get a good grip of its sturdiness. Check the firebox, lid, wheels, and the cart. It’s best to look for a model with a welded, stainless steel cart, rather than a model held together by a couple of nuts and bolts.

A set of four caster wheels or a set of four legs make the setup easier to handle. It’s always better to go for a model that has wheels with a full axle, instead of ones bolted to the construction.


A sturdy gasser isn’t only more durable, but much safer too. A stable grill won’t tip over. If you can, try not to get one with sharp corners and edges.

When getting the hold of the handle, make sure your fingers or knuckles aren’t too close to the lid. If they are, it spells danger once things get hot.


Even though most gassers are powered by liquid propane, there are some models that are powered by natural gas. Some can even use both, with proper adapters. If you have a liquid propane gasser, make sure to always have an extra tank close by.

You have to have a pipeline in your house to operate a natural gas grill. Since every natural gas line is a hard line, you won’t be able to move your grill around, but you will save a ton of money, if you opt for such a model.


A lovely family cookout, big or small, at home or in the great outdoors, always spells good old-fashioned fun. But with the improper equipment, things can get a bit messy for the chef, and turn out to be not so fun after all. High-quality charcoal grills are excellent, no doubts about it, and they sure do have some advantages over gassers and pellet grills, but they require a bit more effort as well.

A gasser is an excellent choice for those looking to keep things simple. One doesn’t need to get their hands dirty to achieve great results. Starting them up is a piece of cake, there are no flare-ups to worry about, the heat is radiated evenly, and the cleanup is faster and easier.

But, by now, you know that not all gassers are made equal. One needs to scratch beneath the surface to see what the grill is truly made of. Knowing what you’ll use the grill for, makes all the difference.

Before opting for a model, make sure it has all the features needed for cooking your favorite kinds of food. And now, when you are, equipped with the proper knowledge needed for choosing the best gasser for you, you’ll be searing stakes in no time.