Best Traeger Grill Accessories Reviews

A Good For / Not Good For

Good For:

Whether you’re baking, smoking, grilling, or roasting, you’ll inevitably need specific cooking accessories to help you do your best. Recipes need to be done with attention to detail. To successfully prepare a dish you’ll need to choose the right style of cooking.

How can grilling accessories enhance your cooking experience? Whether you need a specific temperature, crafty cooking tools, cleaning equipment, or simple protection when your grill is not in use – Traeger Accessories are at your disposal.

Their best trait is that they fit perfectly with most Traeger grills, they are durable, and they are quite easy to use.

Not Good For:

The downside is obviously the exclusiveness of these accessories. Most of them can only be a perfect fit for Traeger grills.

Some can be repurposed for other grilling ventures, but mostly they are designed only to fit one manufacturer.

Though it is disappointing that they cannot be used on other grills, they do serve their purpose and altogether enhance your grilling skills.

review of the products

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Review of the products

Cast Iron Reversible Grill

Pitmaster Rating: 4.2

This piece of cooking equipment is meant to make your outdoor cooking experience easy and far more enjoyable. Its design is user-friendly with side handles, and a pre-seasoned grilling surface which is ready to use immediately.

The cast iron material allows the temperature to be easily maintained and controlled.

This high-end accessory is made to serve multiple purposes. On one side it will evenly distribute the heat while you prepare the perfect barbecue, steak, or fish.

On the other hand, you can opt for the reverse flat side as it is designed for pancakes, grilled cheese, or hash browns. Its versatility is its best feature.


  • versatile use
  • portable
  • durable


  • easily damaged if not covered
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 72% 72%

Insulation Blanket

Pitmaster Rating: 4.4



Insulation blankets are a great way to grill all through the year. You can use it in any season to achieve that perfect taste without having to watch over the grill constantly. This product retains the temperature so that the food remains unaffected by outside factors.

This means that you can effortlessly grill during freezing low temperatures. The insulation blanket acts as a heat resistant material which shields your food.  It creates an isolated temperature for preparing meals.

Another plus side is that you won’t need to use any extra fuel to keep the temperature high as it will remain unaffected by the cold. This product saves you time and money.

You will be able to be carefree while preparing your food, without ever risking burning it.


  • long-lasting
  • high-quality
  • compatible with most grills


  • pricey
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 63% 63%

Wooden Grill Grate Scrape

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0

This product is in our top list because it serves an essential purpose. Cleaning your grill can be a hassle and a risk of damaging the surface material. In order for you scrub it down efficiently, you have to put some muscle in it.

Using wires and brushes and applying a lot of force can damage your grill in record time. A much safer way to go about it is to rely on more natural materials which can quickly clean out the grill.

The Traeger Wooden Grill Scrape is designed to fit a wide array of Traeger grills perfectly. This allows you to effortlessly clean up after you’ve finished cooking.

The grate is made out of durable wood which will ensure the product lasts you for years. What is more, the product is much more affordable than any other cleaning tool or product which will show subpar performance.


  • high-quality wood
  • durable
  • easy to use
  • affordable


  • isn’t enough on its own to entirely clean grill
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 90% 90%

GrillGrate 2 Panel

Pitmaster Rating: 4.5

The GrillGrate 2 Panel is one of those revolutionary products that completely change the way we look at something. These grates are made of aluminum, so they can cope with the heat and are rust-resistant. The real value of these grates is the way they transform heat into infrared heat that cooks the meat quicker and more effective.

The GrillGrate 2 Panel is designed to provide an even cooking surface that eliminates cold spots and flare-ups. It also vaporizes all drippings, so your food retains its taste and texture. You also cut down the cooking time by at least half, and the grates leave perfect sear marks on your steaks.

You will love these grates after you try something you prepared on them and all of your friends will want to know your secret. The grates are durable and ultra-easy to use, so get one as soon as possible.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • The USA made
  • Eliminates drippings and flare-ups


  • Not good for cooking vegetables
  • DESIGN 80% 80%
  • PRICE 80% 80%

Traeger grill accessories – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Grilling isn’t the same if you don’t have the right equipment to complete the experience. Traeger grill accessories make the process more convenient and satisfying. Their primary purpose is to innovate the way you approach day-to-day grilling.

That being said, here are some key factors to keep in mind when buying new Traeger equipment.


Traeger accessories are designed from high-end materials with the purpose of being as durable as possible.

They are built to be long-lasting and serve you well for many years to come.


These are high-quality products which effortlessly provide you with a refined flavor in every meal. The hard-wood, the perfect temperatures all add up to upscale culinary expertise which cannot be achieved with any other equipment. Most of the equipment is made out of high-quality metals such as stainless steel or iron.


They are made to serve multiple cooking purposes and aid different cooking styles. There is definitely an accessory for everyone, and many of these accessories are made to be used in more ways than one. They can help you complete complicated recipes, achieve the perfect temperature, apply a new style of cooking, and get that ideal flavor.

Ease of Use

When it comes to cooking, these accessories are meant to be like a particularly skilled helping hand.

They are user-friendly, portable, and easy to operate. Their practicality is an essential part of their general purpose.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Cooking outdoors should be a happy-go-lucky experience which can be achieved with a helping hand from your trusty grilling accessories. You’ll spend less time by the grill and more time with your loved ones. Here are some tips and trick to make everything go smoothly.

Tip 1 – Keep wooden products in dry areas

Insulation-Blanket-34-Series-Mobile-Traeger-Wood-Pellet-GrillsThe wooden grill grate scrape is made out of high-quality wood. However, you should remember to keep it in a dry space when it is not in use. Wood can be long-lasting, but it needs to be stored accordingly.

Tip 2 – A cold breeze won’t affect your food

Don’t worry about letting some air in, while cooking in cold weather. An insulation blanket will retain the high temperature regardless of you peaking in to see if the food is done. Even if you keep it open the whole time, it will have little effect on the cooking process.

Tip 3 – Keep pellet in dry areas

Pellet should always be stored in a dry place. Don’t forget that it loses its quality if it is exposed to damp areas. Make sure you keep your pellet storage lid and bucket dry at all times.

Tip 4 – Don’t leave your thermapen in the heat

Never leave your thermapen in a heated space for too long. The super-fast thermapen is designed to give you accurate temperature readings so there will be no need for you to leave it for an extended time. Leaving it in high temperatures for a long time can cause it to malfunction or completely stop working.

Traeger Pellet Grills BAC382 Reversible GriddleTip 5 – Don’t overstuff quesadillas

Don’t make your quesadillas too full. We all love to take a bite into that juicy goodness. However, if you fill it up too generously, it will take a long time to prepare. Moreover, if you take it off the heat too soon, it will not be crispy enough.

Tip 6 – Cleaning cast iron

Any cast iron piece needs to be adequately tended. It needs to be cleaned with regular soap, rinsed, and dried down with a paper towel or cloth. The reversible cast iron griddle requires this type of maintenance to be well-preserved for many oncoming years.

Tip 7 – Include food prep

Though the cold smoker is a fantastic culinary asset, the food preparation can’t go unattended. In other words, remember that if you want to prepare salmon or steak in the cold smoker, be sure to include the time spent on marinating.


Grilling accessories make your cooking experience more joyful and comfortable. They provide you with an easy solution to every cooking conundrum. Many people are not aware of how the right cooking equipment can make quite a difference.

In order to attain culinary masterhood, you’ll need the right tools. Traeger accessories are designed to make cooking more practical while bringing forth a new refined taste to the table. The hardwood flavor, the ideal temperature, the ease of use all contribute to the precision with which you can prepare your meals with these accessories.

All the accessories we have chosen are made from durable materials, with multiple purposes, and a user-friendly design. These and many other features make them well-accepted in the grilling community.

Any of these high-quality products are a great investment, but we want to highlight the reversible cast iron griddle and cold smoker as our frontrunners. These two products represent top-notch design with multiple purposes.