The gas grills engineered and sold by Blackstone are quite popular with grilling enthusiasts. Designed and manufactured in the USA, they sport the latest technology and work just as advertised. The company has expanded dramatically since its founding, but their grills have remained durable and versatile.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at their Tailgater Combo model. This is a portable gas grill with advantages that put it above the competition. It comes at a reasonable price and is held in high regard by hobbyists and professional grillers alike, and for a couple of good reasons.

First of all, the model offers easy portable setup and can be ready for use in seconds. It is also very versatile, letting the user enjoy several different setup combinations. This allows one to cook a variety of food on just one appliance easily.  

The model is also quite durable, and it’s evident that it was built to last. It comes with the sturdy iron grill grates, a heavy-duty grill box, and a cold-rolled steel griddle plate. Another impressive feature is the presence of two independently controlled burners. Keep on reading and find out if Blackstone Tailgater Combo is the right gas grill for your needs.


This is a portable gas grill/griddle combo appliance manufactured by Blackstone (Utah).


  • Versatile 3-in-1 cooktop
  • Power ignition start
  • Two independently controlled burners
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable legs
  • Portable – easy to transport
  • Reasonable price

In case you’re an active outdoorsman and don’t like to be confined just to your backyard, this model might be your best choice. Compact traveling is all allowed by the unit’s foldable design – packing and unpacking can be done in seconds. This makes the Tailgater Combo ideal for camping, tailgating, and similar outdoor adventures.

Why Get It?

Some grills are made for avid outdoor grillers, and some only for backyard cooking. This model, on the other hand, was created for cooking anywhere. It is highly versatile and comes with features that allow it to be useful in every setting.

Unlike most conventional gas grills, the Tailgater Combo is extremely portable – it’s the ideal all-purpose cooking appliance. As the name suggests, the model combines a stovetop, griddle, and a grill. This allows many different setup combinations and comes in very handy in all circumstances.

The unit’s grill box can be set on the gas-fed open burner, but can also be removed if you want to do some range-style cooking. For flat-top cooking, on the other hand, there’s a griddle on the other side of the unit. It is also removable, just like the grill box.

The beauty of this model is that it can be taken anywhere. Its versatility and construction were designed for active grilling enthusiasts. One is able just to pack it up and take it with him to a long-term camping trip, or to a large tailgate gathering. The unit’s easily-adjustable legs are very stable on any kind of ground.

The setup itself is a breeze. This is mostly thanks to the model’s foldable legs – they take only a couple of seconds to expand. For those who want to make transportation even easier, there’s an option to purchase the Blackstone Tailgater Transport Bags separately. The bags are very well-made and protect the grill’s parts from extreme weather conditions.

Blackstone Grills Tailgate content

This grill/griddle combo was manufactured from premium materials and easily withstands the daily wear and tear. Its frame was constructed from powder-coated steel, so there’s no need to worry about rusting. However, with a lot of weld seams present on the appliance, you should still have it covered when it’s not in use. Long-term exposure to elements is never a good thing.

The grill box, on the other hand, is heavy-duty and is made with a handle, a vent, and durable cast-iron grill grates. Cold-rolled steel was used for the griddle, which is capable of cooking anything from steaks to pancakes.

When it comes to safety, the convenient grease trays are present on each side of the unit. Both the griddle and the grill were constructed to catch the grease during the cooking process.

This means that the fat can be easily removed and disposed of once you’re done with cooking. You won’t have to worry about flare-ups – the fat never drips over the open flame.

Blackstone Tailgater combo sports two independently controlled, entirely different burners. One is made out of cast-iron, and the other from stainless steel. The stainless-steel one is an H-tube burner and is capable of putting out 15,000 BTUs. The cast-iron one holds heat very well and produces over 20,000 BTUs.

Both the grill box and some griddle plate accessories are included in the package. These can sit directly on the cook surface’s top, and arranging them is exceptionally easy – it’s almost like a puzzle. The griddle surface (18″ x 14″) sits on the right, while the multipurpose cooking surface (15″ x 15″) sits on the left. Fortunately, both of these can be removed when you need to access the burners. This allows the owner to use the heaters for direct cooking with pots, griddles, and Dutch ovens.

Ease of Use

Blackstone Grills TailgaterNot only is this grill versatile, but also exceptionally easy to use. Its foldable & expandable legs allow one to set it up in seconds. Unlike many other models, this one can be quickly packed up into a compact piece of grilling equipment for easy transportation.

Moreover, Tailgater Combo includes powered ignition which starts with a simple push of a button. The user doesn’t need to worry about cold weather or mess with lighters. Powered ignition requires one AA battery, which is not included in the package.

With uncomplicated transportable setup and the ability to use it within minutes, operating this grill is a breeze.


Thanks to its sturdy design, the Blackstone Tailgater Combo can last for years. Its frame is powder-coated, durable, and rust-resistant. The weight of 85 pounds shows that it was made to be solid. However, it is still essential to take proper care of it and prevent possible damage from the elements when needed.

The model comes accompanied by a 1-year warranty and is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-functional cooking platform
  • Includes two individually-operated burners
  • Quick to set up and use
  • Easy to transport
  • All-ground adjustable legs
  • Power ignition key
  • Comes with grease trays
  • Reasonably priced
  • Overall 93% 93%


  • Comes without a propane tank
  • No caster wheels


“After a lot of research, I finally decided to go with this grill. It was the right decision. The Tailgater Combo proved to be perfect for my needs, as I often prepare food for a lot of people outdoors. Its griddle cooks fantastic and provides even heat across the surface. With it, I managed to prepare crispy hash-browns and perfect golden pancakes. The grill box is just as useful, and I already used it to grill hot dogs and burgers. It’s a wonderful little cook station that I’m happy to recommend.”

- Josh

This grill/griddle combo undoubtedly makes the ideal multi-functional cooking platform for your outdoors. Due to its sturdy, adjustable legs, you’ll be able to cook on virtually any landscape and remain level.

What to Watch Out For

Comes without a propane tank

Unfortunately, this grill comes without a propane tank, which is an added expense.

This is, however, a standard with most gas grills, so it shouldn’t be taken as a significant disadvantage.

No caster wheels

Another drawback of this unit is that it comes without caster wheels. This makes quick relocation somewhat more difficult. Fortunately, though, the model’s all-ground adjustable legs allow one to use Blackstone Tailgater Combo on all surfaces. As it can be quickly packed up and moved from one place to another, the lack of wheels isn’t really a big problem.

A Piece of Advice

Before grilling, make sure to let your meat sit out at room temperature for at least half an hour. The key to preparing an ideal steak is using only a short amount of time to cook it at a high temperature.

So, the colder your steak is, the more time it will take to get it properly cooked. Moreover, the steak will get tougher with every additional minute it spends over the heat. Ideally, you will want the meat’s interior to be somewhat cool when it hits the grill. This is the key to achieving a perfect medium-rare steak.

Furthermore, don’t forget that the thick steaks require a lot of seasoning. Cover them liberally with pepper, salt, and the rub of your choice before you move onto cooking.


In case you’re an active outdoor grilling enthusiast, and you don’t really like being confined to your backyard when cooking, the Blackstone Tailgater Combo might be the right model for you. It’s a versatile, multi-functional propane grill/griddle combo that works just as advertised.

Furthermore, it can be easily folded up and unpacked, which makes it perfect for grillers on-the-go. It’s one of the best options for camping, tailgating, and picnics.