Best BBQ Thermometer Reviews

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Good For:

When it comes to barbequing meat, the temperature accuracy is vital. Whether you’re barbequing lamb chops, pork, or briskets, you’ll need a perfect temperature in order to cook the meat evenly from all sides. That is precisely where the BBQ thermometers show their immense value.

Manufactured by many different companies, these devices provide accurate temperature readings and each of them comes with its own bells and whistles. Most of the modern models are wireless and come with probes that are inserted into the meat. They have large LCD screens, easy-to-use controls, and some can even be connected to your smartphone.

With a quality BBQ thermometer, you’ll never have to worry about ruining your meal. Fortunately, the market offers plenty of decent picks that are relatively affordable and very easy to use. We’ve tested the most popular ones – make sure to check out our reviews.

Not Good For:

Unfortunately, not all BBQ thermometers work as good as we’d like them to. For example, many models still use radio technology, which is quite outdated when compared with Bluetooth connectivity. Those with low prices usually come with a couple of compromises, such as short connection range or a screen without backlighting.

Furthermore, some models do not provide readings that are adequately quick. This can be quite problematic when it comes to preparing thin meats, such as ribs or chicken. Those who never used a BBQ thermometer before may face a difficult time in understanding some of the controls, too.

However, most of these potential flaws are minor once we consider the overall value of these devices. If you’re careful while buying one and take some factors into considerations, you’ll end up with a model that will serve you for the years to come. Make sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide to know which features to look out for when in the market for a BBQ thermometer.

review of the products

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Review of the products

Thermoworks Thermapen

Pitmaster Rating: 4.5

The first thing to notice about this BBQ thermometer is its impeccable design. Not only is it compact (6.1″ x 1.85″ x 0.75″) and lightweight (3.36 ounces), but can also be purchased in 15 different colors. Although it might seem unimportant, this customizable look is always a welcome feature.

Thermoworks Thermapen has a small LCD screen on its front side. However, the numbers that it displays are easy to read, as they’re bright and large. Its probe is 4.5 inches long and offers 180 degrees of motion. It can be opened and closed by using the durable sliding mechanism.

Working on two coin-cell batteries, the model offers impressive 1,500 hours of battery life. It’s also splash-proof, allowing the user to handle the device with wet hands. There are no physical buttons – you only have to swing out the model’s probe.

The unit’s thermocouple sensor is probably its most significant feature. It allows the probe to be very thin, which makes it easy to get an accurate reading without immersing the probe deep into the food. Without any buttons or Bluetooth devices that you need to connect, Thermoworks Thermapen is exceptionally easy to use.

The only real downside of this unit is its high price. In other words, those with a tight budget will have to look elsewhere.


  • Quick and accurate readings
  • Digital LED screen
  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Long battery life – 1,500 hours
  • Splash-proof housing


  • Pricey
  • DESIGN 80% 80%
  • PRICE 92% 92%

BBQ Guru

Pitmaster Rating: 4.4



To put it simply, this BBQ thermometer allows its user to get the ideal results every time he or she uses it. It is one of the most convenient devices of this type on the market, allowing complete grilling control with its high-tech features.

When it comes to construction quality, the BBQ Guru’s striking design is apparent right out of the box. It’s a well-built digital food thermometer with a couple of interesting smart features. One of them, for example, is the fan system, which controls the air flow into the fire. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

The temperature fluctuations are not something to worry about with this model. They are greatly reduced – the unit keeps the fire at a perfect temperature to ensure an evenly cooked meal. However, it is also possible to switch to manual control, as well as to set the intensity of the beeper to your liking.

Another impressive thing about this thermometer is undoubtedly the overall ease of use. Setting it up and using it is super simple, making it a good choice for the beginners. It is also compatible with all grills and is accompanied by a short but very informative instruction manual.

Unfortunately, the BBQ Guru is also relatively expensive. The unit’s useful and easy-to-use features definitely make up for the price, though.


  • Complete grilling control
  • Integrated fan
  • Compatible with all grills
  • Alarm alert
  • 3-digit LCD screen


  • Expensive
  • DESIGN 98% 98%
  • PRICE 63% 63%

Weber iGrill 3

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0

When it comes to BBQ thermometers, Weber’s iGrill series is undoubtedly among the most interesting ones out there. These high-tech wireless devices allow the user to monitor the temperature from a distance but also sport a couple of convenient and easy-to-use features.

Weber iGrill 3 is accompanied by two meat probes, a battery pack, three batteries, and the instruction manual. It is a sleek, well-designed gadget that works just as advertised. Even though it has a plastic housing, the unit’s probes are cables are steel-made and very durable.

The device is compatible with Genesis II and LX grills and is very easy to use. All that the user needs to do is to insert the probes, choose the type of food in the app, and be notified once the selected temperature is achieved. As you can already guess, this makes iGrill 3 suitable for the barbequing amateurs.

The dedicated app, on the other hand, comes with an abundance of digital grilling tools. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It also features an in-app Bluetooth connection, so it’s very easy to connect the device to your smartphone.

Another thing worth mentioning is the presence of smart LED lights. They change the color and, in that way, let the user know if he needs to increase or decrease the temperature. The iGrill 3 is not compatible with all smart devices, and a small percentage of its users reported Bluetooth connectivity issues.


  • Connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth
  • Sleek and intuitive app
  • Smart LED colors
  • Professional-grade probes


  • Incompatible with some smart gadgets
  • Possible connectivity problems
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 90% 90%

Thermopro TP20 Wireless

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0

Thermopro TP20 Wireless is a well-constructed BBQ thermometer. Its body is splash-proof, while the braided steel cables give the user freedom to position the transmitter in any way he likes. The unit’s LCD screen, on the other hand, is quite sizeable and displays large digits.

The model comes with two probes – one is used for food and the other for reading the grill’s temperature. The user needs to place one probe against the grill and insert the other one into the food. This is exceptionally easy and makes the TP20 suitable for barbequing beginners.

The receiver and the transmitter come pre-matched wirelessly. This means that the Thermopro TP20 is ready to be used straight out of the box. The receiver can be set to alert the user in case the temperature crosses the desired range. The 300 feet range is quite impressive – you’ll be safe to leave the house without any worries.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with nine USDA-approved temperature presets. Fortunately, one can also set customized temperatures as well, making it easy to cook each meal to perfection. The unit provides both the Celsius and Fahrenheit readings and is accompanied by a straightforward and informative user manual.

The biggest downside is in the fact that the temperature range is limited to above-freezing temperatures. Moreover, the 30-day warranty certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in the model’s durability.


  • Provides accurate readings (°C and °F)
  • Splash-proof receiver
  • Nine USDA-approved temperature presets
  • Simple interface


  • Limited temperature range
  • Short warranty
  • DESIGN 80% 80%
  • PRICE 80% 80%

BBQ Thermometers – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

What to look for when buying a barbeque thermometer? Here are some factors to keep in mind if you want to end up with a model that will serve you for the years to come:


An accurate reading is probably the most essential feature of a good BBQ thermometer. Most wireless models are accurate between .07 to 1 degrees of the real temperature.

The models that can also control the heat are typically accurate between 1 to 3 degrees. In case you’re unsure about how accurate a particular model is, check out the reviews and see what others have to say about it.


Pay attention to how the interface of a particular model is designed. Is it intuitive? Is there a display for checking the temperature, or is that done through the smartphone app?

Quick setup and ease of use make a world of difference when using a barbeque thermometer. You want the ability to change the settings with a simple push of a button.


Build, Design, and Durability

One of the first things to take into consideration is construction material and design. Heavy-duty models are typically made out of metal, while the cheaper ones usually come with rubber casing or plastic bodies.

Another thing to consider here is the size and shape of the device you’d like to purchase. Some models are large and can stand on the grill’s table, while some can be bolted or attached to the side. There are also BBQ thermometers that are small enough to fit in the user’s hand.

Make sure to pay attention to the length of the probe cords, too. Find a model whose wires have a good length and flexibility. The longer is always better – you don’t want to find yourself fighting for cord length.

Single vs. Dual probe

As you can already guess, single-probe models will detect only one reading at a time. With them, it’s not possible to measure the grill’s temperature at the same time as that of the food.

A model with multiple probes, on the other hand, allows the user to take the temperature of more than just one area at once.

Most barbequing enthusiasts tend to go with dual probe models. They use one probe to check the meat’s internal temperature and the other one to check the heat of the grill.

It is also possible to use both probes on the food simultaneously. This comes in very handy when you’re having guests who fancy different degrees of doneness.

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

Although both of these connection types are wireless, the Bluetooth models are, in our opinion, a better choice. These are not subject to the limitations that often come with devices that require a Wi-Fi connection. They come equipped with an array of smart features that one can expect from a modern gadget. They’re at their best when smoking, grilling, or baking meats.

Extra Features

Some apps that accompany particular models let the user create graphs and logs of his cooking sessions. As it allows the user to see what he did wrong (or right) during each session, it’s a feature that makes it easy to steadily improve your cooking skills. Most models with this feature will let you export these logs and graphs. Some will even let you share them with your friends online.

Expert Tips and Tricks

ThermoPro-TP20-Wireless-Remote-Digital-Cooking-Food-Meat-Thermometer-with-Dual-Probe-for-Smoker-Grill-Oven-BBQ-0-0Tip 1 – Get a dual probe thermometer

A thermometer with two probes is always recommended over those with just one probe. This is because two probes allow the user to simultaneously monitor the temperature of both the food and the oven.

Tip 2 – Take care of your thermometer

Although they’re designed to be durable and long-lasting, these devices still require care and maintenance. Each model has a temperature rating that you shouldn’t exceed when using it. Make sure that the wires are not crimped and neatly store your model when you’re not using it. Moreover, do not dip the probes in water to clean them – use a paper towel instead.

Tip 3 – Find the right temperature

If one wants to make delicious meat, one needs to know the exact temperature he’s going to cook it at. For example, it’s usually recommended to cook chicken at the internal temperature of 165°F. However, most experts agree that this type of meat tastes better when prepared around 150°F to 155°F. Find out what is the best cooking temperature for each of your favorite meals.

Tip 4 – Fix the Bluetooth connection issues

In case you decide to go with a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer, you may bump into some connectivity issues. Some building materials are known to be problematic for weaker signals such as Bluetooth. These include plaster, concrete, metal, and bulletproof glass. If you find yourself struggling with interference, try to move your device away from such materials.


Choosing the best BBQ thermometer can be a challenging task. The comprehensive nature and versatility of the devices we’ve analyzed here are quite impressive. Each model comes with its own sets of bells and whistles, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.

No matter which model you decide to go with, however, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. For the price of a couple of good steaks, you can get yourself a quality model and never have your meal overcooked or undercooked ever again. Most of the models we’ve reviewed come with fantastic options: they’re built to last, they are accurate and have a good range, and they work exceptionally well. They’re not the market’s best-selling devices of this type for no good reason.

In our opinion, the model that stands out the most is undoubtedly Weber’s iGrill 3. Although not flawless, it offers excellent value for the money and comes with a couple of elegant features. It provides the user with accurate temperature readings through the dedicated smartphone app that’s loaded with digital cooking tools. It also offers smart LED colors, in-app Bluetooth connection, and the ability to use both the preset and custom alerts. The battery life and the overall construction quality are also impressive, as is the price – iGrill 3 won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We hope that your decision making will be at least a little bit easier with our list of 2019’s best BBQ thermometers. Choose the right model for your needs and have fun creating delicious meals!