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Holland grills are good for:

Grilling is one of the most American activities a family can partake in. Naturally, for an all-American experience, you’d prefer to go with an all-American grill. The sad truth is, in these days of outsourcing and cheap foreign labor, most grills are made in China or elsewhere in the world.

Even Weber, a household name in America, doesn’t manufacture all of their grills in the States. They had been sued for claiming their grills are entirely U.S. made and had to settle the matter out of court because they have admitted to manufacturing some components in foreign countries. Not to go after Weber, they still make extraordinary grills, but facts are facts.

And the fact that all of Holland’s full-sized grills are manufactured in the USA is an indisputable one. All of their grills are made in a small placed called Warrenton, GA.

But of course, the country of its origin by itself doesn’t make the grill worthy. The company promises consistency and ease of use with every single model. And as customers report it, grilling with Holland is hassle-free in most cases.

Setting up the temperature isn’t problematic at all, and the previously mentioned no flare-up guarantee puts their grills at a considerable advantage.

Holland grills are bad for:

Holland’s one of the greatest masters of gassers. Perhaps even the greatest. But that’s it. They are still quite a young company, and they’ve been mostly putting all of their efforts in producing gassers.

They don’t even have any pellet and charcoal models, but that’s not what they’re known for anyways. Most enthusiasts that go for Holland do so because they are looking for a high-quality gasser.

Even though gassers are excellent and come with a tone of advantages, there are still a few things one should be aware of. The most notable disadvantage of such models is the lack of the authentic smokey flavor. However, this can be compensated for by using a smoker tube or box.

Gas models are also typically more expensive and more difficult to maintain. The assembly can take some time as well, and it could take up your whole day. Luckily, that doesn’t go for portable models.

review of the products

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Review of the products

The Apex

Pitmaster Rating: 4.5

Only one glance at the Apex is needed to realize that it is an exemplary gas grill that is sure to enrich the looks of any backyard. Its stainless-steel construction makes it reliable, durable and impervious to rust. The model has been on the market for quite a while, and won’t be stepping down anytime soon because the customers seem to love it.

And what’s not to love about the Apex? It’s easy to use, looks gorgeous and is packed with a ton of neat little features. One of the more prominent features is the indirect heat cooking ability. The heat is evenly spread across the grilling surface.

The Apex comes with one 14,000 BTU cast-iron burner shielded by stainless steel. The two features combined ensure you get the same delicious taste every time. Not to forget the neat aluminum drip pan that prevents flare-ups by collecting all the excess grease and juices.

It also makes the maintenance of the Apex a breeze as all you need to do is clean the drip pan. To ensure an even better cooking experience, the setup is equipped with smoke vents that are placed on the hood. Thanks to the excellent air flow, you don’t even have to flip over those burgers and steaks to get them evenly cooked.


  • Durable
  • Lid thermometer
  • Drip pan that eliminates flare-ups
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Built-in shelves
  • Cooks food evenly from all sides
  • One 14,000 BTU cast-iron burner


  • No direct flame
  • Limited temperature control
  • DESIGN 77% 77%
  • PRICE 82% 82%

The Independence

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

Although expensive, at one point or another, the Independent is guaranteed to pay itself off as it is built to last. The cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel components ensure its durability. With proper care, this gasser will last you a lifetime.

Some components actually do come with a lifetime guarantee, such as the cast iron burners. The rest of the gasser is under a more-than-generous warranty. The manufacturer is all about providing its customers with a lifetime of high-quality grilling experience.

With its 20,000 BTU, the cast-burner is among the more powerful of Holland burners. But again, what makes it so great is the retention and even distribution of heat. The cast-iron burner all provides you with enough power to fully utilize the 400 square inches cooking area.

Closing the lid guarantees faster cooking. Again, with no chars and flare-ups, thanks to the manufacturer’s innovative technology. The Independent is one of the best gas grills when it comes to ease of use – it has convenience written all over it.

The aluminum tray helps a lot in that regard. Its purpose is to collect all the excess grease and food debris, making maintenance a piece of cake.

However, one of the best advantages the Independent has over other gas grills is its smoke tray. With the Independent, you definitely won’t be lamenting your old charcoal setup.


  • Smoker and steam cooker
  • Built-in wheels
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Excellent temperature control
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • No flare-ups guarantee
  • Generous warranty
  • Easy to use
  • 20,000 BTU cast-iron burner


  • No direct flame
  • Pricey
  • DESIGN 78% 78%
  • PRICE 70% 70%

Holland “The Liberty” Gas Grill

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

Even though this is one of the most affordable Holland grills, it still comes with their recognizable features. Most importantly, there are no flare-ups with the Liberty either.

The manufacturer guarantees no flare-ups. The inventor himself has worked tirelessly for twelve years to create his patented no flare-up system.

Aside from being durable and reliable, the Liberty is gorgeous as well – quite fitting for its name. The model is equipped with a cast-iron burner that comes with a stainless steel deflector plate. And just as with the more expensive models, the Liberty distributes the temperature evenly.

Not to forget the always useful aluminum drip pan. Aside from preventing flare-ups and collecting the excess drippings and grease, it fuses the juices right back into the meat, enhancing the flavor.

The stainless steel lid and the cast aluminum firebox are both powder-coated. They also do an excellent job of retaining the heat, as well as ensuring reliability and durability. The Liberty is excellent for a wide variety of applications, such as baking, steaming, grilling, and slow cooking.

Under the hood, you can find dual smoke stacks that guarantee sufficient airflow. Proper ventilation makes sure the food is evenly cooked.

The single temperature setting is the only significant downside of this model. The temperature is set to reach a maximum of 400-degrees.


  • Excellent Warranty
  • 20,200 BTU Cast Iron Burner
  • Piezoelectric rotary ignition
  • Stainless steel cooking grate
  • Solid construction
  • Sizeable cooking area
  • Versatile Application
  • No flare-ups


  • Limited Temperature Control
  • Lengthy Assembly
  • DESIGN 60% 60%
  • PRICE 77% 77%

The Freedom

Pitmaster Rating: 3.9

The model stands out with its simple yet functional design. Style-wise, it’s not much different from the rest of Holland’s lineup. The model stands on two caster wheels that make it more portable and features two chimneys.

It’s an excellent model for those looking for durability and reliability. The Freedom is one of the sturdiest grills money can buy. And no wonder, considering it is made from cast-iron, aluminum and, naturally, stainless steel. The high-quality build most certainly justifies its high price.

The body wrappers, side-shelf brackets, and the support pillar are all aluminum-made, just as the body end panels. They are made from powder-coated cast-aluminum. For increased durability, there’s also the heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminized steel base.

The powerful cast-iron burner comes with a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to its 20,000 BTU, you won’t be having trouble grilling any kind of meat and vegetables. The flame-deflecting housing and the stainless steel shield sure do explain the lifetime guarantee.

Of course, Holland made sure to include its signature aluminum sizzle tray. Its purpose isn’t only to collect the extra juices and drippings, but also to help prevent flare-ups and fuse the juice back into the food, making it even more delicious. Just as the rest of the grills on the list, the Freedom comes with a sizeable cooking area of 400 square inches.


  • Generous warranty
  • Heavy-duty casters for portability
  • Rotary spark ignitor for quick ignition
  • Food contact approved side shelves
  • Aluminum drip pan prevents flare-ups
  • 400 square inches cooking area
  • 20,000 BTU cast-iron burner
  • Excellent Build


  • Pricey
  • DESIGN 85% 85%
  • PRICE 77% 77%

Holland Grills – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

A great backyard BBQ party ought to be a birthright of every American. Something tells us Holland agrees with us on that one. After all, almost every one of their grills bears a patriotic, American name. Who can say no to Independence and Freedom in their own backyard?

Grilling is an integral part of the American experience, so Mr. Brand Holland has worked tirelessly to make that experience even more enjoyable for all of us. The manufacturer offers us a wide variety of all sorts of grills. But how can one know which one to go for?


Before buying a grill, it would be good to know where do you plan on using it. You might be a fan of grilling, but not a big fan of backyard cookouts. Grilling in the wild is marvelous, but portable grills are typically too small to feed a crowd. A mid-sized Holland with caster wheels might be of great use in both your backyard and at tailgate parties.


The manufacturer has a gasser for everyone’s pocket. Of course, more budget-friendly models come with fewer features. Whether or not it’s worth to shell out a couple of extra bucks depends on your personal needs. Some signature features come with every model, such as the cast-iron burner and aluminum trays. But if you’d like to have, let’s say, temperature control, you’ll have to pay extra.


Cast iron and stainless steel are the two most common metals used in the manufacturing process of grills. For some components, aluminum and cast-aluminum are also used. Since cast iron is corrosive, the grate should be coated with enamel or porcelain. The advantage of cast iron is that it’s better at retaining high temperatures.

Stainless steel isn’t as good at reaching the high heat, but it makes up for it by excellent heat retention as well.


A cooking area of 200 square inches ought to be enough for two people, perhaps even more, but barely. A cooking area of 400 to 440 square inches is certainly enough for an average American family. However, higher-end grills often come with side tables, warming area, etc. that make the experience even more convenient.

They are not an absolute necessity of course. You can always rely on a table stand for food preparation. the food. To prevent such charring, maintain the temperature below 265-degrees.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Keep it Clean

Although there are no flare-ups to worry about, it’s best to keep the grill clean for the sake of the flavor. One of the most common ways of doing it is turning up the heat on high and leaving it for fifteen minutes to let the heat burn off the residue and grease. After that, scrape off any debris that is left.

Some stains can be a bit stubborn and are immune to high heat. Remove those stains by using a grill brush. All of the debris won’t disappear; some will end up in the grill itself.

No worries, that’s what should happen. All the gunk and the ash will stay there until you remove it by thoroughly cleaning the grill. You don’t have to do it after each use, a couple of times a year will suffice – at least two.

To completely clean it, remove the burner covers and the grates. You should notice a difference in the performance after a deep clean.

Performing maintenance regularly will make sure your gassers lasts you a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. In addition to cleaning it regularly, you should also inspect all of the parts occasionally. Always make sure that the ports on the burners are not clogged.

Don’t forget about the ignition either. Always check to see if the spark is good.

Heat and Sugar

Ribs coated with a flavorful rub or BBQ chicken dripping with sauce makes everyone’s mouth water. But, careful now – by burning the sugar in the sauces and rubs you can burn or blacken the food. To prevent such charring, maintain the temperature below 265-degrees. The method resembles the low and slow style of grilling. It might take a while, but you are guaranteed to get great results.

Watch Your Gasser

Yes, using liquid propane and natural gas instead of charcoal is much easier, but you still need to be careful. With gassers, you do get more room to mingle with the family, a chance to step away from the action for a moment, but if you do it too often, or for too long, your food might get burnt. Flare-ups aren’t the only concern here.

Paying attention is one of the keys to successful grilling. That especially goes for steaks, chops, and burgers. Such food is usually grilled at high heat and very quickly.

Prepare everything you need before you start grilling and not during it. Try to always keep an eye on what’s going on the grates. Remember, most stories of grilling accidents begin with the words, “I was gone for a second, and…”

Don’t Forget The Fuel

Have you ever had to leave your hungry dinner guests waiting while you go out to refill your LP tank? The best way to avoid such situations is to always keep an extra propane tank. Then, no matter how big the party is, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Safety First

Safety TipsSafe grilling leads to successful grilling. That doesn’t go just for gassers or BBQ in general, but any type of cooking. Try to practice food safety whenever you are preparing a delicious meal.

Don’t put raw meat and grilled meat on the same plate. Proteins ought to be cooked to a safe temperature. To make sure of that, it is best to use a meat thermometer. Hygiene is of the essence here. To avoid cross-contamination, keep your cooking area neat and sanitized.

Bringin’ on The Heat

Most Holland gassers can deliver impressively high temperatures. Still, that doesn’t mean you should always grill at the highest heat. Thick cuts of beef, lamb or pork ought to be cooked hot and fast – that includes burgers as well.

Foods such as chicken, fish, and vegetables are more delicate and should be cooked at medium temperature. Larger cuts, whole chickens, and roasts should be cooked over indirect fire, at lower temperatures. Cooking the food indirectly means cooking it next to the heat, instead of above it.

Patience is another virtue in the world of grilling. Make sure to adhere to these guidelines and stick to the cooking times.

The Art of Searing

While sears contribute more to the looks of the food, rather than the taste, good searing can still add to the tasty grilled flavor. And besides, who doesn’t like the looks of those mouth-watering sear marks?

Even though it doesn’t retain the juices within the meat, it does caramelize its edges, giving it a crisp, delicious and gorgeous surface. Almost any cut of pork, beef, or lamb can be seared.

To get those beautiful sear marks, heat up the grill to the max. Place the cuts and wait for a minute. Flip them over and reduce the temperature. The surface of the meat will get caramelized by the heat. Once that happens, move the food away from the high heat and wait until its cooked.


A backyard cookout is an excellent way of bringing the whole family together. It’s a great, American way of family bonding. But how fun and enjoyable it can be, more often than not, depends on the setup. By choosing a proper Holland grill, you won’t have to get your hands as dirty as you would with some other models. Gas grills, in general, are easier to use and easier to maintain, and that especially goes for Holland!

While some essential characteristics go for all Hollands, such as the no-flare up guarantee, the excellent build, the stylish, ‘old-school’ design with a modern twist, they still have their differences. Now that you are equipped with the proper knowledge, utilize it to find the best Holland gasser for your own backyard.