Outdoor Griddles – Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Having an outside griddle is a novel approach to preparing food. This type of grilling gives your meal an exceptionally delicious taste which cannot be recreated in any other way. You can make a variety of food including a classic barbecue, bacon, any type of fish or vegetable, and even pancakes!

If you want to have a new take on both exotic and classic dishes, an outside griddle will provide you with that classic flavor associated with a well seasoned cast iron pan. The griddle will be your right-hand man as it is easier to use than a grill. After you’ve mastered how to connect the propane tanks and utilize the griddle’s surface you are good to go.

The flavor your food gets will go beyond any of your culinary expectations. It’s like having a commercial griddle in your backyard! You can easily create new recipes because the griddle is easy to use and clean. Surprise your friends and family by serving new meals with some extra pizzazz with a unique smoky and savory taste.

Blackstone 4 Burner 36”

Easy to assemble, easy fold mechanism, grease management system separately controlled burners, done in stainless steel, several shelves for more space, and castor wheels. Everyone wants a perfect outdoor grilling station but few actually find it. This state of the art cooking equipment has it all.


  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly fold mechanism
  • Grease management system, making it easy to clean
  • It has separately controlled burners which can provide different temperatures
  • The product is done in stainless steel
  • Has a top, bottom and side shelf for extra space
  • Easy to manuever castor wheels



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Things to Consider When Choosing BEST OUTDOOR GRIDDLE

Temp. Control

Griddles have an upperhand over grills because they don’t require any particular maintenance regarding temperature. Their ignition is easily turned on and off, and the heat is controlled with four individual buttons.


We encourage you to invest in a high-quality metal grill rather than a cheaper version. Though it may seem irrelevant, the low-quality one will cost you more as the years go by. You will need to get parts replaced and risk having multiple malfunctions. A heavy and durable grill won’t need such costly maintenance. It will only require thorough cleaning and a proper cover for when it is not in use.


Grilling outside can be a hassle if you don’t have the right equipment. For example, picking the right fuel for your grill will influence the flavor and time in which the meal will be done.Choose a grill which is easier to manage and which doesn’t require the time-consuming use of charcoal.

Ease of Use

It is much more encouraging to have a griddle which assembles and folds easily. This way you will probably be encouraged to use it more often. For example, newer models of Blackstone Griddles usually take an hour to assemble which makes the whole process stress-free.


The 22″ Weber Kettle is the classic BBQ grill we all know and love. It’s a straightforward charcoal grill made of durable materials, ideal for backyard parties and family gatherings. The grill has many useful features that make grilling and maintenance simple and easy. The grill has 363 square inches of cooking area that can hold up to 13 burgers at a time. The griddles are made from durable stainless steel so that they can withstand high temperatures for a long time.

The One-Touch cleaning system allows you to clean the ash after every use quickly. The porcelain-enameled lid is great at heat retention, and it speeds up the cooking time significantly. It’s also resistant to rust and peeling. It also has built-in wheels so you can move it easily.

The handles are covered with a heat shield, so you won’t get burned when lifting it. The Weber Kettle is all you want and need from a high-quality charcoal grill, so if you like the classic BBQ look, this one is all you need.

36″ Griddle Cooking Station – Editor’s Choice

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0


The 36″ Griddle cooking station includes a wide cooking surface, safe ignition switch, several shelves, four independent burners, with its main material being stainless steel. It provides enough space to prepare different food for large groups of people. This incredible machine is decidedly the best addition to your outdoor kitchen.

The griddle top is made to be easily removed and put away. Its purpose is to protect the cooking surface from any potential damage.

The cooking station includes a grease can and fasteners for the propane tank. These bonus pieces make the whole process more practical and efficient.

The griddle is designed to be easy to transport and assemble. Its wheels are easy to maneuver on any terrain and have a lock option which will keep it safely in place. In addition, the griddle can be quickly folded up and fit in the back of the car, or put away in the garage.

Most users rave about the price of this high-quality piece of culinary equipment. Considering it’s quite large in size and made of stainless steel, the price range is suited for a wide variety of people. It falls into the category of more luxurious products, yet it remains affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Includes a grease can and fasteners
  • Large cooking space


  • It is not made of high quality material
  • The entire top is not evenly heated
  • DESIGN 70% 70%
  • PRICE 88% 88%

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few extra tips and tricks for griddle owners everywhere. You will find some ideas on how to prepare food, tidy up, and make more room while cooking.

Blackstone 4 Burner 36”Preseason the Grilling Surface

We bet that you didn’t know that if you preseason your grilling surface, the food is less likely to stick. This clever trick is best done once you’ve heated the grilling surface to the perfect temperature. Not only will this minimize the time spent on marinating and grilling, but it will also give your food a distinct flavor.

If you make your own marinade and put it over the grilling surface, your food will have a special savory taste to it. You will avoid overcooking, as well as decrease the amount of grease used while cooking. The only thing you need to consider is that it will require several flips and coats for the seasoning to stick to the food.

Tidying Up

As oppose to grills, griddles don’t require muscle to be cleaned properly. To clean an outdoor griddle the only equipment, you’ll be needing is a sponge, clean water, and a scraping tool. After you’ve finished cooking, let the grilling surface cool down.

Once it is chilled, spray the grilling surface with water. Let it soak and then proceed to scrub it with a grill sponge. If this isn’t enough, use the scraping tool to peel off any food or burn excess.

Make More Room

To maximize the grilling space get a griddle that offers a variety of temperatures on its grilling surface. This way you can use the same space to make quesadillas, sauté vegetables while flipping burgers and heating buns – all in the same space!


When you are cooking outside, you want everything to be practical and smooth. You don’t want to be standing next to an open fire for hours only to end up eating food that tastes like charcoal. When compared to a classic barbecue grill, a griddle has the upper hand in this regard. Outdoor folk tend to love that the griddle can be used more broadly than a grill while being easy to manage.

For starters, the grilling surface is a safer and more practical way of preparing food. It takes a push of a button to start up the heat, and even less time to clean it up. It doesn’t require any hassle such as charcoal, fire, or kerosene. All you need is a propane tank, and a free afternoon to get down to it. This approach to outdoor cooking makes it much more convenient and swift.

This modern culinary technique employs griddle plates which distribute heat generously but without burning the food. It prepares the food evenly and at a faster pace while giving every meal a distinct savory flavor. The best choice you can make is to invest in a high-quality outdoor griddle which will serve you for years to come.