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Good For:

The company is known for manufacturing high-quality pellet grills. Such grills have many advantages over charcoal and gas models. For starters, they are easy to navigate and flavor the food with a unique smokey taste.

That distinctive flavor isn’t always the same. The smokey taste depends on what kind of pellets you’re using. In other words – you can vary it as you like.

Using a Rec Tec grills is as easy as operating a microwave. There’s not much you have to do except set the desired temperature. Your Rec Tec will take it from there while you sit back and relax.

Weather can often make grilling on a charcoal model more difficult. The wind can spike up the heat and cause it to drop back down instantaneously. The performance of pellet grills is never affected by the cold or the pesky wind, allowing you to prepare your food in peace, without such disturbances.

No matter the weather, the fire pot, auger, and the electronic mechanism make sure that the set temperature doesn’t vary more than 15°. Pellet models perform well even when it’s snowing and freezing outside.

With a rec tec grill, you won’t have to worry about flare ups either. You’ll be able to step away from the grill carefree, without having to worry about it starting to spit fire as soon as you turn your back. The grease drip tray and the heat deflector shield the fire pot from the meat.

Sudden cravings for a particular dish are known to anyone. Rec Tec Grills allow you to satisfy those cravings quickly, as it doesn’t take ages to get the grill ready. Simply press the ignition button, and in ten minutes the cooking surface will be hot enough.

Bad For:

Grills that use pellet as fuel can’t give you a temperature higher than 500°. If you are particularly fond of searing, you will be disappointed. It is believed that the heat needs to be 750° to sear a steak properly.

However, some sources disagree and claim that it’s best to cook a steak at 500°. Whether or not sears significantly contribute to the taste is also up for debate, but the consensus, for now, is that they don’t. But for some, the meat just doesn’t have the same appeal without those beautiful sear marks.

Pellet grills are a reasonably new invention. The experts are still doing their research, more and more companies are starting to turn to pellet models, and they are yet to reach their full potential.

As a consequence, such models are costly, and it’s hard to say if that will change any time soon. Finding a proper pellet grill that costs under $500 is no easy task, to say the least. Rec Tec Grills have a lot to offer, but their convenience, reliability, quality, and exceptional performance come at a somewhat higher price.

review of the products

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review of the products

Rec Tec Trailblazer

Pitmaster Rating: 4.1

The company has replaced its famous “Mini” model with a new line. The Trailblazer features all of the best features of the Mini, plus a couple of improvements. Some claim it’s one of the best portable pellet grills, and it’s hard to disagree.

The telescoping legs allow you to use it in the backyard, at the campsite or wherever your truck takes you. The size and weight are crucial when it comes to portable smokers. The model weighs in about 80lb and is compact enough for transport.

It has three stainless steel handles that make it even easier to handle. The Trailblazer features REC TEC’s WiFi Technology which allows you to monitor the cooking process and control it via your smartphone.

The whole thing is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. With the Trailblazer, you won’t have to worry about the paint fading, flaking, or failing. The setup is impressively durable for a portable smoker.

The temperature control allows you to go up to 500°. The heat output is high enough for broiling, roasting, grilling, smoking, and baking.

The temperature settings are impressively precise. The variation is no more than 5-degrees. The electric thermostat is very useful.

The cooking surface isn’t particularly large, but it ought to be big enough to feed the whole family in a single cookout. This isn’t one of the cheapest smokers, but the luxury it provides justifies the price.


  • PID Controller
  • WiFi Controller
  • HotFlash Ignition
  • Sweet, Smokey Flavor
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Excellent Build-Quality


  • Not Ideal for Larger Parties
  • DESIGN 88% 88%
  • PRICE 80% 80%

Rec Tec Grills Stampede RT-590

Pitmaster Rating: 4.5

The younger brother of the Bull. The rec tec stampede is expensive even for a smoker, but it sure does have a lot to offer. It’s more economical and compact than the Bull so it isn’t as big, but it sure does make up for its smaller size with the impressive innovations and a somewhat more affordable price.

Featuring a 30lb pellet hopper and a 592 sq in cooking surface, it’s more in line with your standard backyard smoker. The grill is big enough to cook five huge racks of ribs at once. Its grilling capacity is more than enough to feed a small crowd.

The smoker is made from top grade stainless steel. It’s as durable and reliable as far as smokers go. It’s mobile, one can move it around the yard with relative ease, but it’s far as it will go.

Just as the other models from the manufacturer, the Stampede is equipped with a Wifi and PID controller. You can control the cook no matter where you are and how far you are from the grill thanks to the convenient smartphone app. The role of the PID controller is to maintain heat and ensure to ensure consistency when cooking.

It’s one-of-a-kind octagonal cooking chamber separates it from all other smokers on the market. But the unique shape isn’t only aesthetical. It makes the unit robust enough to last you a lifetime.


  • 30lb Pellet Hopper
  • HotFlash Ceramic Ignition System
  • Mobile
  • Wifi and PID Control
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 592 Square Inch Cooking Surface


  • Not So Generous Warranty
  • DESIGN 75% 75%
  • PRICE 72% 72%

Rec Tec Grills Bull RT-700

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

A new an improved version of the famed 680 model. It was considered by many to be the best pellet smoker on the market, and every other was judged in comparison to the 680. The manufacturer managed to take things to a whole new level, and thus, the Bull was born.

It’s in the same size and price category but includes a couple of new excellent features. The paint on the grill is almost impervious to peeling and cracking, and that’s all thanks to the robust stainless steel barrel body.

Just like the other two, the Bull features the same state of the part PID controller. You only need to set the desired temperature on the custom-made touchpad, and the Bull will take it from there.

It might just be the best feature on any REC TEC pellet smoker. It maintains a consistent temperature by making constant adjustments to the feed rate. You can open or close the lid as much as you want, the level of heat won’t change.

But, more importantly, the feature helps significantly in adverse weather conditions. The sudden gush of cold wind might surprise you, but the Bull will be prepared.

The grill features a 40lb pellet hopper and a 702 square inches big cooking area. The cooking area can be extended to 1054. sq. inches.

Of course, the WiFi control and HotFlash system are among the features as well. The biggest advantage this model has over the other REC TEC grills is the generous warranty and its massive capacity.


  • 40lb Pellet Hopper
  • HotFlash Ceramic Ignition
  • Expandable Cooking Surface (to 1054 sq in.)
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • WiFi and PID Control
  • Stainless Steel Construction


  • Expensive
  • DESIGN 68% 68%
  • PRICE 66% 66%

Rec Tec Grills – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Pellet grills have a lot to offer, and REC TEC did their best to make the most of all the advantages smokers have over charcoal and gas grills. When it comes to pellet grills as a concept, REC TEC has brought a lot to the table. The PID controlling system might be their most significant contribution to the world of grillings, and they have made sure each of their models is equipped with a PID and WiFi controller.

But other features and characteristics can vary from model to model. To make the most out of your Rec Tec smoker, you need to know what to look for when buying it.


Smokers are not inherently designed to be portable. The same goes for most of REC TEC’s smokers. Most of them.

Typically, the best you can get is ‘mobile’. Luckily, there’s one exception. The rec tec trailblazer allows you to bring all of the luxuries of pellet smokers to the great outdoors.

It’s not the biggest model around, but it’s still quite sizeable for a portable grill. The Trailblazer is just the right size for your van, SUV or RV.


How big a grill you need depends on what kind of party you are planning. a 300 sq. in. model ought to be enough for a smaller family.

For larger parties, the bigger, the better. If you are planning on having friends and neighbors over very often.

It’s best to go for the Stampede, which has a cooking surface of approximately 500 square inches. It’s important to note that larger smokers are better fuel savers.


If you are on a tight budget, you probably won’t have any luck finding a pocket-friendly smoker.

The prices of the models the manufacturer offers range from $500 to $1500.

The math is simple, the bigger the smoker, the more expensive it is.


All of the manufacturer’s models are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel means no corrosion and no worries about the paint decaying. However, it also affects the price directly.

The stainless steel is part of what makes these grills a good investment. High-quality stainless steel ensures a longer lifespan of the product.

Expert Tips and Tricks


PelletsHow the food will turn out depends a lot on the kind of pellets you are using. It’s not just a matter of fuel consumption, but it is also a matter of taste. Cookin’ Pellets and Q Pellets are two famous brands that are beloved by grilling enthusiasts from all over the country.

Don’t forget to store the pellets appropriately. Always make sure to put them away somewhere where it’s dry. Damp pellets won’t allow you to reach adequate heat.

It’s also best not to leave them for too long in the pellet box. After each cookout, it’s best to empty the hopper. It’s of even greater importance in colder climates.

When pellets freeze they turn into sawdust. The sawdust can get stuck in the auger, and that’s spells trouble. It won’t render the smoker useless, but it will take you a while to clean that mess up, so best prevent it.

Meat Probe

Some extra tools don’t cost much, but significantly improve the overall experience. A meat probe is an excellent investment, especially when paired with REC TEC’s PID and WiFI controllers.

The tool allows you to know when the meat is ready without even having to open the lid to check it. The probe continually measures the temperature of the inside of the meat.


Don’t forget – pellets are not the only fuel you need. It’s especially important to keep in mind when it comes to portable models. Smokers rely on electricityIf you want everything to go smoothly, make sure you have constant access to electricity. The digital temperature controller is perhaps the most essential part of every REC TEC smoker. It’s the brain of a pellet grill.

Make sure to get a very good extension cord. Standard household extension cords are not only not long enough, but could pose a fire hazard as they can heat up fast. The best course of action would be to hire an electrician to make you a proper cord.


cleaning_stainless_grill_xHigh-quality grills are often gorgeous. It’s a shame not to keep them spotless. To make sure your grill stays clean, it’s best to get a cover. A cover serves more than just one purpose. It will protect the smoker from bad weather (hot sun, rain, snow, wind) and it will extend its lifespan.

The biggest enemy of any smoker is humidity. The sophisticated electronic features should always be protected. Make sure to store the smoker properly and to always keep it covered when it’s not in use.

They are expensive and made from top-notch stainless steel, but they are still not invincible. Make sure to protect your investment, and it can last you a lifetime.

As for the cooking surface and grates, clean them after every use. Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads. Instead, wash it with water and mild soap. The hardest part to clean is the heat deflector. For that, you’ll need an apron and a pair of good gloves.


Smokers are the youngest breed of grills. They are yet to be perfected. They certainly do cost a lot, but they offer luxury and innovation in return. REC TEC smokers come highly recommended to those who prefer to sit back and relax while grilling. Backyard cookouts have never been as painless. Not only are smokers easy to navigate, but they infuse a special kind of taste.

All of the excitement around smokers is justified, but so is the caution. There is not much competition, so their prices remain high, and they are yet to be optimized. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

REC TEC grills are a long-term investment. Doing your research and knowing what you want to get out of a pellet grill before the purchase can result in lifetime customer satisfaction.