If you’re looking to buy a reliable and well-made gas grill on today’s market, you have probably run into Holland grills right away. It’s one of the most popular grill manufacturers in the US, well known for designing reliable and easy-to-use appliances. More and more people are getting Holland grills, which is enough to say about the quality of their products.

The company has many full-size gas grills to offer, most of which share patriotic names with the Liberty. Some of the models are Independence, Apex, Freedom, and so on.

All of them are full-sized backyard grills, with built-in features that make every grilling much easier than ever before.

The Liberty Gas grill is a cheaper alternative to other models made by this company. With that said, it still provides a decent cooking area, a steel construction, a rotary ignition, and a 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner that will be more than what you need. We will now take a closer look at what the goods and the bads are, so keep reading if you want to get the full picture.


The Liberty is a propane gas grill that can work as a land-gas grill by purchasing an adapter.


  • 421 sq. inches of cooking space
  • Eliminates flare-ups
  • Offers different cooking capabilities
  • Aluminum steel construction
  • Rotary spark ignition
  • 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner
  • Lifetime warranty for the burner and grid

Holland’s Liberty is one of their smallest models, but it still has all the necessary features. It shares the durable construction and the revolutionary heat control system with the rest of the models.

Why Get It?

holland-grills-liberty-grill-06-500x500Holland Grills is a company started by Brad Holland. He was a huge fan of grilled meat, and he was sick and tired of battling flare-ups and ending up with charred food. He made it his goal to come up with a working grill that eliminates the issue. In the end, the company was born, and he started mass production.

He came up with the “Holland System” that completely changed the rules of the game. By combining a drip pan with a secure heat-control system, he has almost but eliminated flare-ups. His invention didn’t go unnoticed, so his grills quickly found their way to restaurants, patios, and 4th of July parties all over the states.

It took him ten years to perfect his design, which has proven to be one of the best up to this day. He infused his invention into almost every Holland grill, and people quickly saw the benefits it provided.

The Liberty gas grill is one of the latest models of gas-powered cooking systems. It has a powerful 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner and a large cooking area that can provide a meal for over ten people at a time. It may look ordinary, but the truth is that this gas grill is built to last using only durable materials like steel, iron, and aluminum.

The deflector plate found beneath the burner makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire cooking space. The sizzle tray above the burner is there to catch all drippings and food particles, and more importantly, to eliminate flare-ups. By doing that, your meat will retain its moisture and flavor, providing you with ideal results every time.

The body of the grill is made from cast aluminum, and the lid is stainless steel. That means that you don’t have to think about durability. These materials are also ideal for holding heat, providing you a range of different cooking options. You can use it to slow cook your favorite foods, but it’s also excellent at steaming, smoking, and grilling both meat and veggies.

The dual smoke stacks found on the lid provide the ventilation and also make sure that everything is cooked evenly. They pull in the air needed for the fire to burn correctly. It will take you some time to figure out how to use them, but once you do, you will be able to cook all kinds of recipes.


Since there is no temperature dial, you control the heat by opening and closing the lid. When closed, the Liberty provides about 400 degrees F, which is considered as a medium grilling temperature. The 20,200 BTU burner covers the entire 421 sq. Inches of cooking area, but it also makes it impossible to sear and brown your foods.

Holland Grills is the only company on the market that offers a limited No-Flare warranty. They stand behind their own inventions, and that’s always nice to see. The Liberty stands on four steel legs, but it’s also got two large wheels that allow you to move it with ease. It also has two sizable side trays perfect for holding your dishes, pans, pots, spices, and so on.

This model measures 49.5 x 48 x 24″ and weighs about 85 pounds. It’s entirely made in the US and comes with a limited warranty. The cooking grid and burner come with a lifetime warranty, while the body of the grill comes with a 3-year warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Eliminates flare-ups
  • Provides different cooking options
  • Large cooking space
  • Durable and rugged
  • Easy-to-use rotary ignition
  • 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner
  • Great warranty
  • Built-in wheels
  • Overall 81% 81%


  • Hard to assemble
  • Limited temperature control


“I’m happy with the Liberty gas grill. I had a smaller, older gas grill and wanted to update to something that doesn’t cost too much, but still offers the features I needed. I found the Liberty by Holland at a local store, and when I saw that I could smoke, steam, and slow-cook food, I knew that it was the model I needed. I don’t really write reviews and comments online, but the Liberty is so versatile and easy to use, I felt like I had to say something because it’s just that good!”

- Lenny

What to Watch Out For

Hard to assemble

If you’re new to gas grills or if you’re not handy with a screwdriver, the assembly could be a little tricky. The Liberty arrives in boxes, all of the parts neatly packed separately. It will take you a couple of hours to put it all together, even though the user manual has detailed information about every step.

Limited temperature control

Gas grills often have limited temperature control due to the single cast-iron burner that can only be on or off.

The same goes for this model, so it may not be what you’re looking for if you like your meat well-done.

A Piece of Advice

Get an extra propane tank

Running out of gas is the worst thing that can happen to you while preparing food for friends and family. Believe us; we’ve been there. That’s why you should think in advance and get an extra tank, just in case.

Clean the burner once in a while

The drip pan protects the burner, but even so, it can still get dirty and clogged. Prevent that from happening by cleaning it after every two or three uses.


One thing is for sure; if you decide on getting the Liberty by Holland grills, you won’t throw your money out the window. It may not be the best gas grill on the market, but it provides a lot of value. You can use it to smoke, steam, bake, and grill your favorite recipes.

It also comes with an excellent warranty, and it’s made from highly-durable materials like cast-iron and stainless steel.

Furthermore, it’s got built-in wheels for easy moving; it’s got a unique construction that prevents flare-ups. It’s the ideal model for every grilling enthusiast because it offers many different cooking options, and that’s always fun!