Grill Accessories – Buyer’s Guide for 2019

If you’re someone who likes grilled meat, you’re probably an owner of an outdoor grill or a smoker. These contraptions come in various sizes and shapes but all do the same thing – help the user grill their meat in an easy and fast way.

To make the process of meat grilling even more efficient, many manufacturers also sell various accessories. Ranging from simple griddle add-ons to elaborate external thermometers, these items are guaranteed to make your life easier.

If you’d like to increase your grill’s value by purchasing add-ons, we advise you to keep reading. We’ll take a look at the market’s most interesting accessories and try to determine their value for the money. Most of these are made by reputable manufacturers (such as Weber or Traeger) and sport an excellent build quality. Still, it’s best to decide for yourself – take a look at our detailed analysis!

Thermoworks Thermapen

Thermoworks Thermapen

One of the fastest and most accurate cooking thermometers in its price range, Thermoworks Thermapen is an invaluable accessory. It is effortless to use and provides a simple but precise measurement of your meal’s internal temperature.


  • Very easy to use, with no buttons – you only need to swing out the metal probe
  • Comes with a small but bright and easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Operates on a thermocouple sensor, allowing the meat probe to be much thinner
  • Uses two replaceable coin-cell batteries that power the device for more than 1,500 hours
  • Splash-proof – can be used with wet hands



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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Grill Accessories

Build Quality

No matter the quality of your grill, you want the accessories for it to be as well-built as possible. This is especially important when it comes to items like grates and griddles.

Always go for accessories that are rust-resistant and which easily withstand the daily wear and tear.

Ease of Use

If you’re still learning how to grill meat and vegetables properly, we advise going for accessories that are not overly complex. They could confuse you and further complicate the cooking process. Fortunately, most of the add-ons we’ve analyzed are exceptionally easy to use. Even the ones that look a bit more intricate, such as the cooking thermometers, can be used by literally anyone.


Of course, you want to get the best possible accessories for the money you have.

Fortunately, the market offers something for everyone’s budget. Even the more reputable manufacturers, such as Traeger or Weber, offer their add-ons at relatively reasonable prices. You want to avoid poor-quality accessories – they have a short lifespan and aren’t as efficient.

Additional Features

Although they’re simple by nature, some add-ons come with additional features. These put them above the competition and raise their overall value. For example, the Pizza Kettle comes accompanied by an aluminum pan, handles, sleeve, and a thermometer. The Thermoworks Thermapen, on the other hand, can be purchased in 15 different colors. Although this might seem unimportant, it’s something that separates the well-known brands from their cheaper alternatives.

Best Grill Accessories from Each Category

Pizza Kettle

Pitmaster Rating: 4.0


If you’re an owner of an 18.5″ or 22.5″ kettle grill and want to bake the pizza with it, this accessory is your best choice. As it easily transforms a standard kettle grill into a pizza oven, it’s one of the most useful accessories money can buy.

First of all, this convenient add-on possesses excellent build quality. It was built from 20-gauge, 304-grade stainless steel. In other words, you won’t have to worry about durability or reliability at all. As it doesn’t require the user to lift the lid of his grill to access pizza, it provides a very stable heat.

Another great thing about this accessory is that comes accompanied by a couple of useful items. These include an aluminum pan, two handles, a stainless sleeve, and a thermometer. Unfortunately, the thermometer is not of the best quality, but you’re probably already using a different one. It should also be mentioned that this add-on works with both hardwood and charcoal.


  • Coverts your grill into a pizza oven
  • Quick to assemble & easy to use
  • Provides stable heat
  • Manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel
  • Accompanied by additional items


  • Fragile thermometer
  • Not a stand-alone product
  • DESIGN 70% 70%
  • PRICE 88% 88%

Traeger Grills Reversable Griddle

Pitmaster Rating: 4.2

Traeger is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names when it comes to grills and smokers. For that matter, this accessory deserves special attention. Is it as well-built and useful as their other products?

The first thing to notice about this griddle is its build quality. The fact that it was manufactured from cast iron makes it extremely durable. Furthermore, this material also provides even heating, which is crucial for all those who hate dealing with cold spots.

One of the primary selling points of this add-on is its dual functionality. In other words, the other side of Cast Iron Reversible Grill Griddle is flat. This allows the user to prepare different types of meals with just a single accessory.

Another great thing about this item is that it causes no flare-ups. There is no way for drippings to reach the flames, so you won’t have to worry about ruined meals. Our only major complaint is the lack of cool-to-touch handles. You won’t be able to touch the handles until the item cools down.


  • Durable – made to last
  • Pre-seasoned – can be used straight out of the box
  • Reversible for dual functionality
  • Prevents charring and overcooking
  • Even cooking temperature guaranteed


  • No cool-to-touch handles
  • DESIGN 70% 70%
  • PRICE 88% 88%

Weber Spirit 310

Pitmaster Rating: 4.1


Another well-known name in the grilling industry is Weber. Kettle grills and charcoal smokers manufactured by this company are held in high regard by many grilling enthusiasts all over the country. There’s a reason behind that – the quality of Weber products is simply unmatched.

Their replacement grates for Spirit 310 grills are no exception to that rule. This product is not only convenient and well-built but also exceptionally easy to use.

The first thing to notice is undoubtedly the build quality. Featuring interlocking panel sets manufactured from hard anodized aluminum, these grates were made to last. They are resistant to rust, but also to scratches and chips. When it comes to heat resistance, they withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, this accessory works only with Genesis Silver B and Spirit E310 models. Still, it is extremely easy to install and use, and provides its user with perfectly cooked meals. The package includes a nice grate tool with a wooden handle and a lanyard.


  • Resistant to chips, scratches, and rust
  • Comes with four interlocking panels
  • Eliminates drippings and flare-ups
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Grate tool included


  • Doesn’t work with all grills
  • DESIGN 70% 70%
  • PRICE 88% 88%

Thermoworks Thermapen

Pitmaster Rating: 4.3

In our opinion, the Thermoworks Thermapen is one of the most convenient accessories on the market. With a splash-proof body, fast and accurate readings, and an exceptionally thin probe, it’s one of the best cooking thermometers that money can buy.

Weighing just a couple of ounces, this thermometer can be purchased in 15 different colors and can be used by literally anyone. It has no physical buttons on its body, and you only have to swing out the probe. This can be done with a flick of the wrist – it’s as simple as that.

As it operates on a thermocouple sensor, the Thermapen comes with a very thin probe. The most significant benefit of this is that the user doesn’t have to immerse it deep into the meat. The reading range is just as impressive – from -58.0 to 572.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only major downside of this convenient thermometer is that it’s relatively expensive. Still, it’s one of the best devices of this type currently on the market, and also our top pick for grill accessories.


  • Provides quick and precise temperature readings
  • No buttons – exceptionally easy to use
  • 1,500 hours battery life
  • Small but easy-to-read LED screen
  • Operates on a thermocouple sensor


  • Expensive
  • DESIGN 86% 86%
  • PRICE 90% 90%

Tips and Tricks

Pizza Kettle AccessoriesAre you using charcoal briquettes to make heat? If you are, make sure to light them up at least half an hour before cooking. In case you’re using lighter fluid, ensure that the fire is entirely out before putting the meat on the grill. Otherwise, your meat will get infused with a nasty fuel taste. When placing the meat onto your grill, the charcoal should have an ash-gray color, with only a small amount of glowing red underneath.

If you’re using a smoker, you should always try to minimize opening it. It’s easy to be anxious about how your meal is doing, but checking it too frequently has a negative effect on the heat level. You’ve probably heard the old saying “If you’re looking, it’s not cooking”.

Avoid leaving the meat out in room temperature for too long. As you can already guess, this can cause the bacteria to grow at a very fast rate. It can also make the meat a lot less fresh. In case you want to thaw out meat, do it over the night or all day in your fridge.

Many people like their steaks rare, but try to avoid doing the same for your burgers. Ground beef holds more bacteria, which means that it needs to be cooked thoroughly.

Cook it until it’s completely done and there’s no visible pink area in the middle. If you find yourself in doubt, simply use a thermometer. Make sure that the temperature never reaches less than 160°F in the center of hamburger.

If you’re getting tired of using the same barbecue sauce over and over, test out some new ones. Some examples include Caribbean “jerk”-style sauce, chipotle, hot sauce, teriyaki, and others. Other things you could use include chopped onions, lemon juice, bourbon, beer, wine, red peppers, paprika, brown sugar, and honey.


As we said, it’s pretty easy to raise the value of your grill – you just have to buy some accessories for it. Fortunately, today’s market offers a lot of useful add-ons. Whether you want some extra space for your meat or need more precise temperature readings, there’s an accessory available for purchase.

For that matter, we’ve rounded up the market’s most popular accessories and took a closer look at their features. As you can see, there are a lot of different add-ons out there – from pizza ovens to reversible griddles. Each of them has its own purpose, but all of them are there to make the user’s life easier.

In our opinion, one of the best accessories you can get for your grill is a cooking thermometer. Nobody likes dealing with overcooked or undercooked meat, and that’s precisely where this handy little item comes in.

Thermoworks’ Thermapen seems to be a pretty good choice. Although relatively expensive, this model is straightforward to use and works like a charm.

However, that doesn’t mean that the other accessories we’ve analyzed don’t deserve your attention. Take a closer look at our detailed reviews and find out everything about their features. You just might find the thing you were looking for!