Real BBQ On Your Kettle Grill

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Cook Competition Grade BBQ on your WEBER KETTLE GRILL 

We Guarantee you  12 Hours of Low & Slow Smoking WITHOUT charcoal reload or your money back!

AND, It’s 100% American Made

Turn your Kettle Grill into a smoker or convection oven – just by popping in the “GRILL STEEL.” 

This heavy steel grill plate fits just under your grill grate on a custom stainless steel base. Through Radiating and prevents radiant heat from burning your food, so you can grill low and slow, or cook a whole chicken or rib roast – without EVER having to turn the food.

  • This is the easiest and best way to use your Kettle grill as a smoker.
  • With a full load of charcoal, you can low and slow cook for up to 12 hours straight without a re-load. seriously.
  •  The “BFP” gives any Kettle amazing Temperature Control perfectly for smoking juicy brisket, 3+ pork butts, or whatever you want. It also adds thermal mass to keep heat even.
  • One pile of charcoal cooks at oven temps for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Made from high-temperature resistant A36 Steel. The “BFP” Lives up to it’s acronym. ha. 
  • Also use as a pizza steel, by placing on top of, instead of under, the grate.

To cook a whole brisket in your kettle grill: 1. Add charcoal and light as per our instructions and video. 2. Insert the “BFP” . 3. Put the grate over it. 4. Drop on your Meat. 5. Dial down your vents to keep the grill at about 350F. 6. Wait until the internal temp hits 205 degrees F.

The “Grill Steel” will absolutely transform your kettle grill, and your grilling, or your FULL MONEY BACK.



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Our Story

Hey, My name is  A.J. Caruana and I am a Certified Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge and Founder of Kettle Metal BBQ. I have been immersed in the competition barbecue world since 2009. I have the experience in all things necessary to make a great BBQ. Learn More Below !  


“GRILL STEEL” Excluseively By

It’s hard to draw the line between passion and obsession. I remember the first time I went to a barbecue competition. The energy there was absolutely electrifying. The smell of burning hickory was in the air. Ever since then I’ve strives to create competition grade barbecue on my very own Weber Kettle Grill. Through years of Materials Testing, (tasty) Failures, and Lessons, I’ve finally developed the Kettle Metal “GRILL STEEL” 


-KCBS Certified Judge

Seriously! They aren’t Going to Last!

Create FALL OFF THE BONE bbq on your  kettle grill

The “GRILL STEEL” Was designed with the average Pit Master in mind. We wanted to provide an affordable product for that backyard BBQer to take their cooking to the next level. The “GRILL STEEL” does exactly that. Smoke, Sear, Bake, Whatever. We don’t care as long as you’re cooking and eating good BBQ!


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