Weber’s grills undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. Not only are they highly effective and ergonomic in use, but also creative and innovative by design. Cooking equipment made by this company is the No.1 choice by many grilling enthusiasts all over the country.

Fortunately for the grillers on-the-go, Weber also manufactures and sells portable grills. Instead of releasing a brand new portable model, they’ve decided to redesign an already-existing product. And that’s precisely how Weber Q 100 became Weber Q 1000.

In our opinion, this was a brilliant move. The reason behind that is in the fact that Q 100 was already an excellent product. Without a couple of flaws, it would have been the perfect portable grill, but those flaws are now fixed. Weber Q 1000 now firmly stands as one of the best products of its type on the market.

Running on liquid propane, this model features cast-iron cooking grates and a removable catch pan. It also has a glass-reinforced nylon frame, push-button ignition, and boasts 189 square inches of cooking surface. It’s easy to assemble and keep clean, and using it is effortless, no matter how experienced a griller you are. Let’s have a closer look at these features:


This is a liquid-propane portable grill manufactured by Weber-Stephen Products LLC (Illinois).


  • 189 square inches of cooking space
  • Highly portable
  • Premium Weber construction quality
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Cast-iron cooking grates
  • Push button ignition
  • Lots of accessories available

As with all BBQ grills manufactured by this company, quality construction coupled with an intelligent design results in an attractive cooker with excellent performance. Although the size and amount of what can be grilled are limited, Weber Q1000 is exceptionally easy to transport.

Why Get It?

So, the weekend is here and the bright blue sky serves as an ideal backdrop for a nice little BBQ party with friends. The drinks are ready, the meat is marinated and chilled, and you’ve also prepared some cheese and wine. However, one thing is missing – an efficient grill that will turn the raw beef into delicious pieces of juicy goodness. And that’s precisely where Weber’s all-new portable grill comes in.

Weber Q 1000 is a portable, lightweight, and attractive piece of grilling equipment. The actual grill was manufactured from porcelain-enameled cast-iron material. Its petite size, on the other hand, makes it perfect for outdoor Sunday feasts, tailgate gatherings, BBQ and beach parties, as well as for picnics and camping. For the grillers on-the-go, it’s a real dream come true.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll be intimidated by many parts that require assembly. However, the informative and clearly written manual makes assembly exceptionally easy.

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill Content

There’s a special pipe that you have to connect to the gas cylinder. Once that’s done, you’ll have to put the model to preheat. This will take around 10 minutes, and once it’s over, you’ll be ready to go.

To get the flame ignited, simply press the appropriate button. The rotating knob, on the other hand, will let you control the grill’s flame. Another advantage of Q 1000 is that it comes with a sleek lid. If you often cook large chunks of meat, you’ll be happy to know that it perfectly seals the grill.

Once everything is turned on, a short and smooth process follows, without any complications. The user only needs to put his favorite food into the grill, select the flame strength with the knob, and enjoy the delicious taste!

The model provides 8500 BTUs and is capable of grilling a number of burgers and steaks. However, its power output is significantly lower when compared to top-notch BBQ grills. This means that Q 1000 requires a bit more patience. Those who need more power can simply check out the rest of the company’s lineup.


Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill performanceAs it scored full points in design and ease of use, we’ve decided to check the unit’s performance. We did this by trying out a number of dishes, with the goal of finding out if it lives up to its worth. We started by placing pieces of garlic bread on the grill. These ended up with beautiful charred marks, while their tops were sizzling with buttery garlic. As you can already guess, the smell was difficult to resist.

For the next part of the test, we marinated vegetables such as potatoes, bell peppers, spring onion bulbs, and mushrooms in different marinades. We put them on the grill plate and witnessed each of the vegetables getting beautifully cooked. All was over in just a couple of minutes, with perfect grill marks as a result.

After that, we tried cooking Pakistani kebabs and chicken legs. As they’re boneless, the kebabs took only five minutes to get succulent on the inside and nicely charred on the outside. The chicken legs took more time, and we also had to cover the model with the lid. After around 15 minutes of cooking, the legs were crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside. What more could one want?

Cleaning & Accessories

Cleaning Weber Q 1000 is exceptionally easy. Once you’re done with cooking, let the unit cool completely. Then, detach the grill plates and remove the grit by washing them with soapy water. With the plate consisting of two halves, you won’t have problems with fitting it into the sink.

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill asemblyYou can use a clean, moist cloth to clean the inside part of the unit. The aluminum container, located below the grill, can also be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

A great thing about Weber products is that there are a lot of accessories available for them. For Weber Q 1000, one can purchase anything from griddles to covers. The skillet, for example, fits all products in the series and provides an easy way to expand the options of your Q 1000. The grill cart, on the other hand, is both durable and foldable. It slides in from the front and conveniently locks in place, making the transportation much more manageable.

However, one of the most useful accessories for this device has to be the Weber propane adapter hose. It gives the user an option to use larger propane tanks. It’s an excellent option for all those who don’t want to use the low-capacity ones that are usually recommended for portable grills.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable – perfect for outdoors
  • Exceptional performance
  • User-friendly operation
  • Sleek, modern design 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lots of accessories available
  • Overall 96% 96%


  • No thermometer
  • Relatively low heat limits the model’s utility


“Weber means quality, and Q 1000 is no exception. We bought it last year and found it to be ideal if you’re cooking for up to four people. It has actual heat control, and I can heat it up to 500°F within 15 minutes. The plates are enameled and therefore very easy to clean. It has the perfect size for our balcony and RV, so it’s the only thing we need for everyday grilling.” 

- Susan

Due to its dimensions of 20.5″ x 27″ x 23.5″ and weight of 27.2 pounds, this is an extremely portable grill. One can even purchase the Weber cart separately and make the transportation even easier.

What to Watch Out For

No thermometer

No thermometer As it is relatively small, Weber Q 1000 comes without an integrated thermometer. This is, however, the usual case with most portable grills.

If you want to know the exact temperature at all times, you’ll have to purchase an instant-read meat thermometer.

Relatively low heat limits the model’s utility

Unfortunately, the relatively low heat generated by this model limits its utility. As a portable model, it’s expected to be used for food such as hot dogs and hamburgers. While it does a pretty good job with thicker items, such as chicken breasts or steaks, grilling them takes more time than it would on a regular BBQ kettle.

A Piece of Advice

When grilling meat on a portable grill such as this one, try to avoid using forks to stab and turn your foods. This is especially important if the food is juicy, like chicken or steaks. The reason behind this is that it creates a path for the juice to drip down. Use tongs instead.

As we said, Weber Q 1000 is ideal for burgers and hot dogs. Burgers sometimes tend to puff in the middle.

This makes their tops rounded and very awkward when it comes to pilling on the toppings. You can avoid this by using your thumb to press the top of each raw patty, making a small indentation. Once the center pushes up, each burger’s top will be level.


For the price it comes at, Weber Q 1000 is a worthwhile investment. You’ll be getting a highly durable model that is very easy to use and clean. It is ideal for burgers and hot dogs – you just turn it on and slap some meat on, which is much faster than setting up a barbecue. When it comes to tailgating or simple backyard gatherings, it’s one of the best options out there.