When it comes to gas grills, Holland is a name known to many grilling enthusiasts. Although this brand isn’t as famous as, say, Weber, their models still have a reputation of reliable and efficient appliances. They’re made in the United States and have a lot of fans all over the country.

All of their models come essentially in one original size. There are also a couple of “Jumbo” and Hibachi-sized portable units. The company has around 5-6 varieties of the core grill, with no significant differences in capabilities. The main differences involve the material, the handles, and the cabinet. 

One of Holland’s best-selling models is Freedom, which is a middle of the line model with an aesthetic facade and many exciting features. However, due to its exceptionally high price, we’ve decided to focus on a more entry-level unit, which is the Liberty Gas Grill.

With 421 square inches of cooking space, steel construction, piezoelectric rotary ignition, and a 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner, this model undoubtedly deserves a more in-depth look. We’ll take a closer look at its features and outline its advantages and flaws. If you’d like to know more about this grill, keep reading – it just might be what you were searching for.


This is a propane-powered gas grill manufactured by the Holland Grill Company (North Carolina).


  • 421 square inches of cooking space
  • Safe – no flare-ups
  • Versatile cooking capabilities
  • Powder-coated aluminized steel construction
  • Rotary spark ignition
  • 20,200 BTU cast-iron burner
  • Lifetime warranty for the burner & cooking grid

Although one of the smaller models sold by Holland, the Liberty Gas Grill is by no means featureless. Just like the rest of the company’s lineup, it also sports the same revolutionary heat-control system.

Why Get It?

A couple of decades ago, Brad Holland changed grilling forever while working in his welding shop in North Carolina. Just like with all grills, he struggled with the issue of flare-ups, or how to keep the meat from getting burnt by fire. After a decade of extensive testing and hard work, Brad finally solved the problem.

The newly-created “Holland System” is an ingenious, patented system. It combines a drip pan and heat control guards that prevent flare-ups, which been virtually eliminated. Professional caterers, as well as grilling hobbyists, have been enjoying using Holland grills at tailgate parties, in campgrounds, on patios, and in backyards ever since 1988.

However, it took more than a decade to perfect this design. Nevertheless, Brad’s legacy now stands as one of the most unique grilling systems currently on the market. Almost all grills in the company’s lineup are more than capable of completing practically any cooking task.

The Holland Liberty Gas Grill is one of the latest models in their range of gas-cooking systems. Its design aesthetic takes second place in providing a satisfying cooking performance. The model is, first of all, solid and sturdy.

The unit sports a cast-iron burner that’s combined with a deflector plate, made from stainless steel. The heat distribution is, as expected, very even. The purpose of the aluminum sizzle tray, on the other hand, is to prevent the flare-ups. Moreover, it successfully enhances the taste of meat by returning moisture.

Holland grill

Both the cast-aluminum firebox and the stainless-steel lid are powder-coated. As you can already guess, this ensures durability and longevity. These are also capable of holding heat for various cooking tasks. The Holland Liberty Gas Grill will allow you to slow cook, bake desserts, steam, smoke, and grill with fantastic results. For the price it comes, the unit is truly a highly versatile cooking station.

Moving on, the model also sports dual smoke stacks in its lid. Their job is to provide the correct amount of ventilation, allowing the steaks to get evenly cooked on all sides. They’re capable of pulling the air into the unit for circulation. However, they also allow the heat to get out for convection-style cooking. However, they also evenly maintain a single temperature setting.

A “single temperature setting” means no variable temperature. In other words, the appliance is either on or off. It was designed to cook foods at an approximate temperature of 400°F. The manufacturer considers this to be a “medium” temperature.

With a single temperature setting and rotary spark ignition, the model delivers around 20,000 BTUs (British thermal units). This is delivered to a cooking surface that spans 421 square inches, for a heat flux of 48.

This is perfect for the integrated slow cooking/steaming feature and the smoking tray. However, with only one temperature and low heat flux, most searing and browning functions cease to be an option.

The company’s custom drip pan is accompanied by a limited No-Flare warranty. Holland is the only brand guaranteeing this kind of a feature, which is outstanding. The model stands on four steel legs, which are combined with two sizeable wheels for improved mobility. It also has two side trays, as well as bucket grease pan which is located under the cook box.

When it comes to dimensions, the Liberty Gas Grills measures 49.5 x 48 x 24” and has a weight of approximately 84 pounds. It is manufactured in the United States and comes with a special warranty deal. It is covered by three years of warranty for burn-through.  There is also with a lifetime warranty for the cooking grid and the burner.


Holland grill performanceAlthough it will never make the cover of magazines, the Holland Liberty is still a rugged and durable performer. For an outdoor grill, it undoubtedly offers a couple of unique features.

It’s an ideal choice for people who want healthier grilling results that are delivered by preparing food over an indirect flame. That fact that it causes no flare-ups is yet another advantage. This removes the need to worry about health issues that accompany eating inadvertently burnt meat.

However, the one-temperature feature and the low heat flux aren’t that great. These disadvantages will be disliked by those who love searing their foods on a high setting.

The model is still very unique and versatile, though. It delivers fantastic results with thoroughly reliable consistency, and that isn’t a small feat. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment due to its excellent performance, sturdy build, and longevity.

Pros & Cons


  • No flare-ups
  • Versatile cooking station
  • Sizeable cooking area
  • Solid construction
  • Stainless steel cooking grate
  • Piezoelectric rotary ignition
  • Cast-iron burner (20,200 BTU)
  • Excellent warranty deal
  • Overall 86% 86%


  • Lengthy assembly
  • Limited temperature control


“This is a great product. I’m very pleased with my Liberty grill, as it has performed far above my expectations. It took some time to assemble, but it was definitely worth the time. Ever since I purchased it, I used it for BBQ, smoking, and steaming. Because of the indirect flame, nothing ever burns, and that’s the best thing about it. It’s probably the best grill I’ve owned so far.” 

- Roger

A significant advantage here is that the model’s powerful burner is always isolated from the food. The reduced risk of flare-ups is not the only advantage of this. It also means that the heater is never exposed to anything that could cause corrosion.

What to Watch Out For

Lengthy assembly

Those who are unfamiliar with gas grills will probably find the assembly somewhat tricky. The model arrives with lots of parts, bolts, and nuts, so plan to spend a couple of hours on putting everything together. Fortunately, though, the user manual is clearly written and very informative.

Limited temperature control

The grilling temperatures of this model aren’t really impressive. In fact, the model’s heater is either on or off. For the meat-lovers who love searing food on a high setting, the unit probably isn’t the best choice out there.

A Piece of Advice

Did you ever run out of gas while preparing food? Even worse, did this happen with a group of hungry friends waiting to eat? Leaving the house to refill your propane tank in the midst of cooking is a big pain.

For that matter, make sure to always keep some extra fuel on hand. In that way, you won’t have to worry about running out of gas while grilling.

If you decide to go with the Holland Liberty, make sure to take good care of its burner. Check it periodically to ensure that its ports aren’t clogged. In case they are, use a pipe cleaner or a thin wire to carefully clear out the obstructions. While doing that, also check the igniter and ensure that there’s a good spark.


All in all, this gas grill is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. Although it won’t put a serious sear on your steak, the model performs admirably. It is excellent for conventional grilling, smoking, steaming, and baking.

Moreover, it was manufactured to be robust and can last for years. It is also easy to transport, thanks to its caster wheels, and reduces the risk of flare-ups with its unique construction. These versatile cooking capabilities and excellent build quality turn it into a fantastic choice for every serious grilling enthusiast.