Bradley Smokers are the up and coming products in the industry. The brand has paved its way to success by manufacturing high-quality products which are user-oriented. Not to mention, their devices produce the ideal smoky flavor every time, even in cold weather.

The bradley 6 rack digital smoker is a perfect representative of their brand. Its features include a hot and cold smoking option, six removable racks, high-quality design and insulation, digital controls, and a wood loading system. These features are intended to make the user’s job significantly more comfortable and more relaxed.

This product is made for big families or large gatherings. It offers generous cooking space and precise temperature and smoke control. The appliance can be controlled remotely which is a beneficial feature.

The ‘set it and forget it’ technology allows you to produce the best possible meal with a unique flavor without having to sweat over the food for hours on end. You can set the time, follow the temperature, and supervise the amount of smoke without any worries. Read our review below to find out more on this product, its helpful features, and its multiple purposes.


This is a digital 6 rack smoker by Bradley.


  • Digital controls
  • 6 racks
  • Generous cooking space
  • Automatic wood loading system
  • Separate burners
  • Features both hot and cold smoking options

Why Get It?

Build and Size

The overall build of the smoker is made to be durable and sturdy. Its primary material is steel, made to retain and high temperatures and endure heavy-duty use. The interior has quality insulation to maintain temperature during any smoking process.

This product is one of the most spacious on the market. It offers an astonishing 780 square inches of cooking space. This type of capacity allows you to cook a variety of food at the same time.

The smoker has six removable racks onto which you can arrange different types of food and cook them at the same time. This feature is useful, time-saving, and cost-effective. You can make a meal for a large group of people, all in one take.

Digital Controls

The appliance is easy to use as it has digital controls and user-friendly design. You can set the time and temperature, and the smoker will do the job for you. The food will still be cooked to perfection, while you relax and unwind.

Bradley BTDS108P Content

The digital interface allows you to get accurate readings on time, temperature and smoke at any given time. The smoker can reach up to 280 degrees temperature, has a 125-watt smoking unit, and a 500-watt cooking unit.

Hot and Cold Smoking

Bradley smokers keep their appliances up-to-date when it comes to the demands of the modern user. That being said, this fantastic device includes both hot and cold cooking options. Hot smoking is the standard method of preparing food. However, cold smoking is becoming just as popular to use with specific food groups.

Hot smoking needs to reach heat ranging from 180 to 250 degrees F. This is the standard temperature range for any type of meat, fish or vegetables.

Cold smoking is a long process which usually requires the temperature to be between 60 and 80 degrees F. This method is applied when preparing fish, ham, bacon, pepperoni, cheese, nuts, etc.

Automatic Wood Loader

Another great feature is the automatic wood loading system. The system will load the bisquette onto the heating element and burn it for twenty minutes or so. It will load a new bisquette as soon as the previous one has been used.

The Bradley smoker has reduced loading to a minimum as one load can last up to 8 hours. Most users love this system because they don’t have to think of reloading the wood chips, pellets or charcoal.


Ease of Use

Bradley BTDS108P Content SmallThis product is equipped to smoke, barbeque, roast, and cold-smoke a variety of meat and vegetables. This multipurpose smoker is an excellent start for people who don’t have a lot of culinary experience. This machine will make it easy to master any new cooking skills they want.

Easy to Maintain

Appliances made in steel are easy to keep clean. The surface of the material is meant to remain smooth and easy to wipe down or scrub. What is more, removable parts like the racks can be conveniently removed and washed thoroughly.

Deep cleaning is vital for such appliances as this process directly influences the durability of the unit. The better the maintenance, the lesser the chances are for malfunctions and part replacements.

Pros & Cons


  • Digital control
  • User-friendly set up and use
  • High-quality build and insulation
  • Durable
  • Hot and cold smoking options
  • Large food capacity
  • Automatic wood loading system
  • Racks are removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Overall 89% 89%


  • You have to buy bisquettes regularly
  • Pricey


” I have a large family, and no product could meet all of your needs. Most of the time, we would have to compromise and pick one main course for smoking or grilling sessions. Not with this smoker, though. Now we can have our choice of chicken, turkey, ribs, and even cold-smoked fish!

I love hosting parties for the whole family since I got this great machine. Apart from the food capacity, the smoker is a quality product which maintains any given temperature effortlessly. It was a bit pricey though but worth every penny. “

– Tanner

What to Watch Out For

Maintaining Temperature in Cold Weather

Though the summertime is perfect for outdoor smoking and grilling, the same is not always true of colder weather. The key to smoking food when it’s cold outside is patience.

When it’s hot, you can reach any high temperature with ease. However, in the winter you’ll have to give your machine more time to heat up. It will take significantly longer so prepare yourself not to get frustrated.

The heat is harder to retain outside as it escapes the smoking unit quickly. To avoid this from happening try keeping your smoker in a somewhat shielded area. Try keeping it out of the wind.

Methods of Cold Smoking

There are several methods of cold smoking food. The most common one is salting or curing food to preserve it for an extended period. This is a method applied to various types of fish, ham, and some kinds of pepperoni.

This approach requires you to smoke the food out for more extended periods and add salt or other preservatives from time to time. After you finish the smoking process, the food needs to be stored and kept in cold and dark areas.

Bradley BTDS108P Content Large

Another method is a combination of cold-smoking and pan-frying or braising the food afterward. This is usually done with white fish, pork or any larger pieces of meat.

This takes a shorter amount of time, and the purpose of the smoking is just to give a little more flavor before actually preparing the food. The key is to pan-fry or braise the food right after the smoking process, to achieve the perfect taste.

The last method is for cold smoking cheeses and nuts. This is a cooking method applied only for aroma. These foods have already been processed, so they don’t need to be exposed to high temperatures.

The key is to keep the cheese from melting or losing shape and to soak the nuts beforehand. Nuts are naturally dry, and they’ll lose their flavor if they are smoked in completely dry air. Keep the air damp, and you’re going to be good to go.


The Bradley six-rack smoker is the best choice for users who are looking for a sizeable and durable product. The design is intended to help you master your cooking skills even if you don’t have any prior knowledge. The controls and build are meant to be operated intuitively and are user-oriented.

The best features are that the smoker can be used in any weather and that it offers both hot and cold smoking options. This state of the art product will exceed all of your expectations.