There are quite a lot of cheap gas grills on the market. Their build quality is questionable, as is their performance. This creates a difficult situation for an amateur grilling enthusiast. He wants to purchase a reliable model, but just doesn’t know which brands offer value for the money.

Fortunately, there’s one brand of gas grills that you can’t go wrong with, and that’s Weber. This grilling industry leader manufactures and sells only top-quality models, and has fans all over the country. Their gas-operated models are especially popular. This is because they always sport a solid construction and offer excellent performance.

Is Weber Spirit II E-310 one of such grills? This model delivers most of the essential features at a reasonable price. Moreover, its red version turns it into one of the most attractive appliances of this type on the market. Who’d think that a mid-range gas grill could look so eye-catching?

If you’re interested in buying this grill, we advise you to keep reading. We’ll try to determine its advantages and flaws by analyzing its features in detail. We’ll take a closer look at its design, performance, as well as ease of cleanup and use. In that way, we’ll try to ascertain its value for the money.


This is an outdoor gas grill manufactured by Weber-Stephen Products LLC (Illinois).


  • A total of 529 square inches of cooking space
  • Available in several different colors
  • Three steel burners – 30,000 BTU
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Infinity Ignition system
  • Compatible with iGrill 3 (purchased separately)
  • 10-year warranty

Introduced in January 2018, this model essentially replaces the original Spirit E-310 model. It is the newest update to the Spirit line and yet another Weber grill compatible with iGrill 3 thermometers (more on that later). Due to the upgraded construction and new features, Spirit II E-310 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

Why Get It?

For someone who never owned a gas grill before, putting this model together can be a tricky task. There are a couple of individual parts, but all of them come packaged and clearly labeled. Still, if you’re a grilling amateur, the whole process could take a few hours.

Once it’s fully assembled, the dimensions of this grill stand at 63″ x 52″ x 32″. The unit is also quite heavy, at 110 pounds. The build quality is, as we expected, a solid one. Even though most of Weber’s products are known for their exceptional durability, we still advise extra care during transportation. You certainly don’t want to see any dents in your brand new gas grill.

Another essential point to consider is the customizable look. Unlike many other grills on the market, this one comes with multiple lid colors. The predecessor, Spirit E-310, could be purchased only in black. Spirit II, however, is offered in blue, red, ivory, and standard black. These additional color options allow one to match the decor easily.

However, the most important feature of this unit is undoubtedly its GS4 grilling system. For the most part, it is quite similar to the one found in the predecessor. The primary difference is in the firebox.

Weber Spirit ii E-310 lp Gas Grill Review Content

The previous entry to the series featured cast-aluminum sides with a sizeable grease tray. This grease tray had a slide-out mechanism and doubled as the firebox bottom. The firebox of Spirit II, on the other hand, sports a funnel-shaped bottom. This funnel shape effortlessly diverts the grease into a special slide-out grease tray. It’s a single-piece firebox, once again made from cast aluminum.

With a simple push of a button, the unit’s ignition system puts the three burners to work. These burners are capable of putting out more than 30,000 BTUs per hour. Each of them can be controlled individually, allowing the user to create direct and indirect heat zones. This allows Spirit II E-310 to be a powerful performer, especially when we consider its size.

The unit’s cooking grates deserve particular words of praise. Nowadays, reversible grates are nothing new, but the ones featured on this model are somewhat different. They come with thin and flat sides.

Weber considers each of these to be ideal for preparing a specific type of food. According to the manufacturer, the flat side is excellent for regular meat, while the thin one is ideal for fish and shrimp.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Infinity Ignition system. The company claims that it has been significantly enhanced and that it’s more consistent than ever. This claim is backed up by an increase of the warranty deal on the system from two to impressive ten years. The ignition performance is truly a flawless one, although that’s something we expected.

We also liked the presence of a fuel tank scale. Its job is to indicate the amount of remaining propane fuel. It’s a helpful feature, especially when you don’t want to haul the tank to the nearest store, thinking that there’s still some propane in it.

Compatible with iGrill 3

Compatible with iGrill 3Just like its predecessor, this model is also compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3 thermometers. Even though it has an integrated lid thermometer, you’re always better off with a more accurate, digital solution. The model comes with a special mounting place for iGrill 3, situated on the right-side shelf. Unfortunately, this wireless digital thermometer is sold separately.

The thermometer itself allows one to connect up to four probes to it. Surprisingly, though, it is not possible to read the temperature directly on the device – you’ll have to use your phone. The app is free, available for both Android and iOS, and allows tracking and managing your connected probes through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Spirit versus Genesis

Weber Spirit II E-310 is quite similar to Genesis II E-310. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth spending a little extra cash and going for the Genesis model.

Both of these appliances come with features such as gas gauges, thermometers, stainless steel burners, and cast-iron grates. The key difference is in the build quality – Genesis sports a more durable construction. Genesis II also has four instead of two wheels, a larger cooking surface, and is slightly more powerful (37,500 BTUs vs. 30,000 BTUs).

If the model we’re reviewing here is more in line with your budget, you won’t make a mistake by purchasing it. After all, Spirit II and Genesis II are comparable in terms of overall ease of use, design, performance, and features.

Pros & Cons


  • Sizeable cooking area
  • Customizable look
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • High-performing GS4 grilling system
  • Easy-to-use ignition system
  • Propane tank scale
  • Compatible with iGrill 3
  • 10-year warranty (part-specific)
  • Overall 90% 90%


  • Complicated assembly
  • Easily dented


“This is my second Weber grill and yet another one I plan to use every weekend. Weber grills cost more money, but they’re definitely better than the cheap, junk models you have to replace every couple of years. Now that I have both a Weber charcoal grill and a Weber gas grill, I can prepare literally any food I want in the best way possible. The Spirit II E-310 provides even heat and is great for burgers, but also for low and slow cooking. I can already say that this thing will last forever.”

- Adam

Another benefit coming with the unit’s reversible cooking grates is that they have small openings. This means that smaller foods, such as shrimp, won’t fall into the fire.

What to Watch Out For

Complicated assembly

Besides being somewhat bulky and heavy, this model is also complicated to put together. It comes with several parts and complicated instructions.

For that matter, we advise tackling the assembly with a friend, as it is a tricky and time-consuming process.

Easily dented

Unfortunately, Weber decided to use lower-grade stainless steel for the construction of this unit. While robust and durable, Spirit II E-310 is prone to dents. This is why it’s highly important to take extra care while relocating the unit. Even if you’ve bought one locally, make sure to check for possible dents before assembling it.

A Piece of Advice

With a gas grill such as this one, the worst thing that can happen is running out of gas halfway through grilling. This is why it’s important to stay vigilant and keep an eye on the gas gauge. Having a backup tank is never a bad idea, and neither is checking if the valve is closed tightly every time you’re finished with grilling.


If you’re looking for a well-built and efficient cooking companion, this model might be your best choice. Considering its 3-burner design and ample cooking space, the Spirit II E-310 has both power and space to meet the needs of every grilling enthusiast. Its standout features include things such as the fully enclosed cook box, easy-to-use ignition system, and a convenient tank scale. It is also very easy to keep clean and holds heat particularly well.

Despite some problems with the assembly and lower-grade stainless steel construction, this is still a fantastic gas grill. It’s undoubtedly one of the best options in its price category.