Electric smokers are the most user-friendly and the most widespread among cooking enthusiasts. The reason is, they are typically affordable and straightforward to use, so you don’t need much experience to be able to use one of these.

They are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy smoked delicacies without too much drama. Compared to charcoal smokers, electric ones are much more practical, work faster and don’t leave a lot of mess for you to clean up. You need only set the temperature and the timer, and the machine will do all of the hard work for you.

“Set it and forget it” approach is our favorite feature that comes with modern digital smokers. Using them is so simple, it is often referred to as cheating in the culinary world. It is time-saving, as you don’t need to maintain the fire or watch over your food constantly.

An essential quality of electric smokers is they offer the most simple heat control, which is crucial for getting good smoking results.

The masterbuilt 20078715 is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital smokers on the market. In the further text, you will find out everything you need to know about this model and its many useful features.


Masterbuilt 2007815 is an electric digital smoker made by Masterbuilt Manufacturing, LLC (Columbus, Georgia).


  • Long service life
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • 721 square inches cooking space
  • Chrome-coated racks
  • Adjustable
  • Precise digital temperature controls
  • Keeps the heat and smoke inside
  • Maintains temperature even in bad weather
  • Leak-proof design

Masterbuilt is a trusted manufacturer which has been producing indoor and outdoor cooking equipment since 1973.

Why Get It?

Masterbuilt is a user-friendly smoker with sturdy construction. It is highly insulated, so it keeps the temperature steady, even in very cold or hot weather. Keeping the heat and smoke inside is essential for good smoking results.

Thanks to the side loading panel, you won’t need to open the main chamber if you want to add wood chips. The heat and smoke will stay inside the unit, flavoring your meat to perfection.

The cooking area consists of 4 chrome-coated racks that are resistant to corrosion. They add up to 721 square inches of food capacity, which is enough to smoke:

  • 24 burgers,
  • 12 whole chickens,
  • 48 sausages,
  • Two whole turkeys, or
  • Four racks of ribs.

You can use separate racks to prepare different kinds of food simultaneously, giving your meat a delicious flavor blend. Doing so, you will also save up on time and energy. The grates and spacers are adjustable and can be removed to make room for large items, such as a whole chicken or a turkey.

Masterbuilt 2007815 Content

The temperature range is 100F to 275F. The 800-watt heating element helps you reach the desired temperature quickly, and thanks to the thermostat it will stay within the desired range.

An intuitive digital control panel makes the temperature setup super easy. Blue LED display will help you keep track of your cooking process even under direct sunlight. The only thing you need to do is set up the temperature and relax while your smoker does the rest.

The product was designed for easy cleaning. At the bottom of the smoker, there is a front access drip pan that collects all of the oil and grease. It has a small draining hole which leads to the grease storage pot underneath.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Masterbuilt 2007815 Content SmallCleaning up is super simple, fast and effortless. Make sure that the cooker is unplugged and wait until it has cooled down before you start with the cleaning.

You will need to wipe down the door seal and the seams inside after each use. While cleaning the interior and the exterior, don’t use any cleaning products. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth, and you’re ready to go.

You can clean the woodchip loader by removing any leftover ash, dust or other residues. The cooking racks, water bowl and drip tray can be washed with mild detergent and water. Rinse and dry them off entirely before you use them again.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

The smoker is warranted against any artistry or material defects for 90 days after the original purchase. In case you need to replace a specific part, the Masterbuilt has got you covered. On their website, you can find all replacement and spare parts.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy
  • Highly insulated
  • Side-loading woodchip panel
  • Large cooking area
  • Four adjustable and removable cooking racks
  • 800-watt heating element
  • Accurate thermometer
  • Digital control panel
  • Blue LED display
  • Easy cleanup
  • All parts available for individual purchase
  • Overall 79% 79%


  • Doesn’t have wheels
  • No meat probe


“I’ve been interested in learning how to smoke meals on my own for a long time. However, it seemed overly complicated and time-consuming, until I got the Masterbuilt. It does the major part of work on its own, so I can get some things done around the house in the meantime, or sit back and relax.

I love organizing outdoor parties and invite a bunch of friends and colleagues. With this baby, I can rest assured there will always be enough cooking space, even if I plan on feeding the entire neighborhood. I always get compliments on the rich, smokey flavor of my meat and veggies.

My peeps can’t get enough of it!”

- Oliver

What to Watch Out For

Doesn’t Have Wheels

The fact that it doesn’t have any wheels makes this model harder to transport. It weighs 50 pounds, so moving it from one point to another may prove hard for some people.

No Meat Probe

While the LED panel is excellent for letting you know the temperature of the entire smoker, it cannot tell the heat of the meat you are cooking. That option can only be achieved by getting a meat probe, at an extra cost.

A Piece of Advice

Wood chips give your meat that smoky, mouth-watering flavor every grill lover craves for. Depending on what kind of meat, cheese or vegetables you plan on smoking, there is a variety of different wood flavors.

Hickory chips have a mild taste to them, so they are known to pair well with most meats. On the other hand, alder is an excellent choice when smoking fish. Applewood makes a great combination with pork and chicken, while mesquite gives off a stronger flavor, so it’s the perfect pairing for beef.


Masterbuilt 2007815 is a quality-made electric smoker with long service life. It has excellent temperature and smoke control, resulting in top-quality smoked meat. The product offers the “set it and forget it” functionality, allowing you to sit back and relax, while the machine does most of the work.