Blackstone is famous for inventing the first ever outdoor griddle. Since then, many grilling enthusiasts have fallen in love with their products. While their first invention remains their most popular one, and is their flagship model, their other products should not be underestimated.

The company never ceases to impress with their innovations. One would not be mistaken to call this model groundbreaking as well, in a sense. The blackstone tailgater combo is a portable grill, stove, and griddle. What more could one possibly ask for? Especially if you are into camping.

You can use the blackstone grills tailgate anywhere, anytime, and setting it up is a matter of seconds. It’s has everything The model is everything the company is about – it’s cost-efficient, original, durable, and reliable.

The versatile nature of the Blackstone tailgater grill/griddle combo allows you to prepare almost every kind of food you set your mind to. Even soups and stews. The grill and griddle can be removed, allowing you to place a pots and pans on the burners.

There is no doubt any lover of the great outdoors will benefit from this product. But even among portable grills and griddles, the competition is fierce.

Yes, it’s portable and versatile, but how does it perform? Is it worthy of your attention? And if so, why? Let us see.


Portable gas griddle and grill.


  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • One 15,000 BTU Stainless-Steel H Tube Burner
  • One 20,000 BTU Cast-Iron Burner.
  • Grill
  • Griddle
  • Vent
  • Cold-Rolled Steel Griddle Plate
  • Cast-Iron Grill Grates
  • Heavy-Duty Grill Box
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Power Ignition Start
  • Adjustable Legs
  • 512 sq in Total Cooking Space

This model is an excellent choice for the outdoorsy grilling enthusiast.

Why Get It?

Endless Possibilities

Do you love going camping for more than a day? Let’s say you want to spend a week up in the scenic hills or deep in the forest. It’s fun and all, but if you are not well prepared, every next day will be more difficult.

It can even become monotonous, no matter how much you love the great outdoors. Blackstone’s griddle/gas is here to help you counter that. Due to its versatile nature, the setup allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes. Almost anything that you can come up with. You can eat a different dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for days, without repeating yourself.

Not only is it a griddle and grill combo, but you can remove the grates and the flat top to get direct access to the burners. From hot dogs and burgers, bacon and eggs, over goulash and chicken soup, to hash browns and pancakes. Your options are endless.

Blackstone Grills Tailgater Small content

And that’s just the griddle. The grill gives you even more options. Do you prefer beautiful sears or the preseasoned taste? Actually, no need to answer because you can get both.

Not only does it have significant advantages over standard gas, pellet or charcoal grills, but it has some advantages over the Blackstone’s Outdoor Griddle Cooking station as well.

Restaurant Grade Cooking

There’s a good reason professional cooks in restaurants use griddles. Watching the chef in a Japanese restaurant cook the food in front of you is awe-inspiring. But what’s even better is doing the exact same thing in your backyard or at the campsite.


Blackstone Grills Tailgater Small content secondAnother significant advantage that the griddle brings to the table. The preseasoned cooking area enriches the taste. The flavor is quite unique, not so easy to put in words, but certainly noticeable. It’s one of the reasons why restaurant dishes sometimes taste better than homemade cuisine.

The pre-seasoning is possible thanks to the inherently non-stick surface. Every next meal is even better thanks to the slow accumulation of fat, grease, and juice over time. Don’t worry, the excess dripping end up in the grease trays and are cleaned up.


Outdoor or not, gas grills and griddles are typically not portable. However, this model is quite compact, light and easy to move around and transport. But more importantly, despite its small size and high portability, it performs well.

Finding a portable grill isn’t difficult. Finding a portable grill that works properly is. There is almost no assembly required. You’ll be able to use the grill/griddle combo practically as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

The foldable legs are easy to adjust and make storage much easier. Since the model is designed for adventurists, the legs are designed to be stable on uneven ground.

Performance and Features

The setup is equipped with two different burners. They are independently controlled. One is a 20,000 BTU cast-iron burner while the other is a 15,000 BTU stainless-steel H-tube burner.

The BTU difference is because of the different materials – cast-iron retains heat better. For a grill of such size, the BTU count is more than satisfactory. What’s even better is the fact that the heat is evenly spread.

The griddle surface area is 18″ x 14″ while he grates measure 15″ x 15″. It’s not the biggest setup out there, but it ought to suffice for a camping trip.  That means the total cooking area is 512 square inches – quite impressive for a portable unit.

Each side features a grease tray. They make up the cleanup process much more manageable.

Even though Blackstone’s products are made to be budget-friendly, they are still well-built and durable. The powder-coated steel frame is manufactured to endure camping trips and tailgating. Nevertheless, it’s always best to cover the setup adequately when it is not in use to prevent wear and tear.

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning and maintenance are simple, as long as the grill/griddle combo is appropriately configured. Make sure to keep an eye on the grease drainage system while cooking. The grates are cast-iron and porcelain-coated -scraping them down is as easy as it gets.

Pros & Cons


  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 512 sq in Total Cooking Space
  • Affordable
  • Power Ignition Key
  • Versatile, 3 in 1 Setup
  • Individually-Operated Burners
  • One 15,000 BTU Stainless-Steel H Tube Burner
  • One 20,000 BTU Cast-Iron Burner.
  • Highly Portable
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easy Assembly
  • Grease Trays
  • Top-Notch Materials
  • Overall 83% 83%


  • 90-Day Part and Quality Warranty
  • No Caster Wheels
  • No Propane Tank Included


“I bought this combo after contemplating a couple of portable gas grills. I love camping and the key to a successful outdoor adventure is minimalism. Carrying too much stuff is just a pain in the neck and I wanted to make sure that the grill won’t be causing me any trouble.

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the grill. It takes seconds to pack up and the maintenance comes easy. But what sold me was the possibility to cook many styles of food. When we are on a trip, we take turns at cooking what we cook best.

I ordered a carrying bag as well. It helps with the storage and transportation immensely. The seasoning tips included in the user’s manual are worth following. It really does improve the flavor.” 

- Rob

The carrying case is an excellent idea, for sure. One can be purchased separately, but Blackstone often includes the bag in their deals. Making sure the setup is properly stored and protected will certainly help you increase the product’s longevity.

What to Watch Out For

No Caster Wheels

While transporting the combo is easy, moving it around once you set it up isn’t so easy as there are no caster wheels.

It’s not a deal breaker, far from it, and the combo is light enough for two people to carry it around.


The ninety-day part and quality warranty seems a bit short on face value, especially when compared to other similar products on the market. However, Blackstone does make up for it with their exceptional customer service for which they are known for.

A Piece of Advice

Make sure to let the meat sit out for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Steaks should be cooked at high heat for a short amount of time. However, if your steak is cold when you throw it on the grates or griddle, it will take more time until it’s done.

Moreover, every extra minute over the heat makes it tougher. For the ideal medium-rare stake, only the interior should be cool. An extra thick steak needs to be seasoned properly. Feel free to go crazy on the salt, pepper and rub before grilling.


Any active nature-lover with a refined taste for cuisine will benefit greatly from this one-of-a-kind combo. The model lives up to its expectations. It possesses all of the well-known traits of a Blackstone product.

The two cooking areas combined are large enough to make it a great for backyard use as well. But to make the most of this grill, one should follow cleaning instructions, maintenance guidelines, and seasoning tips. Getting a carrying bag wouldn’t hurt either.