So, you’re a big fan of grilling but are getting tired of cleaning your iron grates? Not to mention the pesky rust and the flare-ups. Is it all really worth those gorgeous sears?

Well, yeah, of course, it is, but what if there’s another way? A better way. Grill Grates manufacturer claims to have found a solution that’ll end all of those nuisances, and allow you to get the most out of your meat.

Of course, we are talking about grill accessories. If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on.


Grill Grates are easy-to-clean, hard-anodized aluminum grates that allow you to reach high and even temperatures while preventing flair-ups, and thus allowing you to get the best possible flavor of your food.


  • Hard-Anodized Aluminium
  • Never Rusts
  • Prevents Flare-Ups
  • Bold Sear Marks
  • Even Heat
  • Amplifies Temperature
  • Designed for 18″ Weber Grill or Similar
  • Plate Wire Racks
  • Good for Vegetables and Pizza too

Why Get It?

Aside from allowing you to get the most out of your food, GrillGrates comes with many perks, making it a worthy investment. The grates are made from hard-anodized aluminum, which makes them impervious to rust. The set will outlive your grill, so that fact alone makes them worth the purchase.


Generic cast iron grates are OK, but their performance ends at OK. Classic grates allow you to get those gorgeous sears, which make your mouth water, but that the only thing good about them. Taste-wise, there aren’t actually any benefits of sears as they are just a symptom of unevenly cooked food. However, this contraption delivers the best of both worlds – perfect sears and tasty, evenly cooked meat.

Weber 185 Grill Grates Content

Heat Amplification and Distribution

These grates are designed to amplify heat and distribute it evenly. The aluminum plays an important role there, as it possesses superior thermal conductivity.

The amplification works best when you close the lid, which you can easily do, as there is no danger of flare-ups. You’ll still have hotter areas, but they’ll be evened-out.

Preserving the Juice

The juice that drips onto the grate gets vaporized by it, ending up back in the meat, enriching its flavor. It’s sort of a signature feature of the setup.

Smoky Flavor

The add-on also allows you to add chips or pellets in the rows. The smoldering wood adds even more flavor to the food, and you don’t have to cook directly over a wood fire to get it.


The grates are flat on the bottom. Flip them over to cook pizza. You can even place a pizza stone for better results. If removing your generic irons is a hassle, simply place this one over and fire it up.

The set up is also easy to move from one grill to another. You can use it on pellet, charcoal or gas grills.

Pros & Cons


  • Even and Amplified Heat
  • Never Rusts
  • Juices Stay in the Meat
  • No Flare-Ups
  • Can be Used to Smolder Wood
  • Good for Fish, Vegetables, and Pizza too
  • Gets the Most out of the Meat
  • Overall 88% 88%


  • Sharp Rounds – Clean It Cautiously
  • Just an Add-On


“The only reason I bought it is that it doesn’t rust as I had been fed up with iron grates. Now I am not sure why I haven’t bought it earlier. I might change grills in the future, but I am definitely sticking to these.

The meat tastes much better, and grilling has become hassle-free. I don’t have to worry about flare-ups nor do I have to waste much of my time on cleaning.

I use it every Sunday when it’s summer and the meat always tastes the same. It sort of takes the art out of grilling as you don’t need to employ much skill to get the same taste each time, but who cares, the results are fantastic.” 

- Fred

Fred makes some interesting points, all of which are entirely accurate, although taking the art out of grilling is just a euphemism for making grilling much simpler.

The fact that the results are always the same when the food is cooked in the same way is a considerable advantage, indeed. The browning is guaranteed and the specific, superior taste as well.

What to Watch Out For

Sharp Round Side

Extra caution is necessary when washing as the edges are sharp. Although cleaning is easy, one still has to be careful not to cut themselves on the sides.

A Piece of Advice

The whole thing is quite easy to clean. It’s best done while it’s still hot. Long bristle wire brushes work much better than standard grill brushes.


GrillGrate delivers on its promises. The add-on if by far superior to the generic set up that comes with your average grill.

The design is not only aesthetic- it really does deliver tangible results. No matter what you throw onto it, the amplified, evenly-distributed heat will get you the best possible taste.