Imagine you’re grilling some meat and you want to leave it because of something else – your favorite team is playing on TV, for example. You have to decide where to put your full attention. This is precisely where the Weber iGrill 3 can come in very handy, as it will allow you to do both things effectively.

When it comes to grilling equipment, Weber is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the game. Along with their charcoal, electric, and gas grills, the company now also manufactures and sells high-tech grilling accessories. iGrill 3 is one of them. It’s an app-connected thermometer which allows its user to easily observe the doneness of up to four pieces of meat, all the way from the beginning to the end.

It connects to the user’s smart device and notifies him once the meal has reached the ideal temperature for serving. The dedicated app is available for both iOS and Android. It has 250 hours of battery life and four probes which are heat-resistant up to 380°C (716˚F). Is it the right gadget for your grilling needs? Keep on reading and find out!


This is an app-connected wireless digital thermometer manufactured by the Weber-Stephen Products LLC (Illinois).


  • Attractive design
  • Accurate & easy to use
  • Allows creating custom alerts
  • Long battery life (250+ hours)
  • Included probes are of high quality
  • Color-coded temperature status on the device
  • Intuitive user interface

The purpose of this device is to notify the user on the temperature of his grilling meat through the remote connection to his smart device.

Why Get It?

The Weber Company was founded all the way back in 1952 by a Chicago welder called George Stephen. It all started when George welded two buoy halves together and realized that he’s just made the world’s first charcoal kettle grill. This original prototype was only the beginning. The company is now one of the grilling industry’s most recognized brands and manufactures both the grills and the accessories for them.

In the last couple of years, Weber has also stepped into the high-tech game by creating the iGrill gadgets.  These are wireless Bluetooth thermometers that allow temperature monitoring from a distance. iGrill 3 is the third edition, and it improves upon its predecessors with a couple of exciting features.

The primary purpose of this device is allowing the user to connect his LX or Genesis II grill with his smart device. This turns it into an ideal gadget for amateur grillers who need to cook their meals to the exact temperature.

Weber iGrill 3 Content

All that you have to do here is to put up to four probes into the food, choose the sort of food in the dedicated smartphone application, and let it notify you once the desired internal temperature is reached.

The package includes the base iGrill 3 unit, a battery pack, two meat probes (with color indicators), three AA batteries, as well as the user manual. The base unit itself sports a sleek black and silver design and looks very attractive. Although it has a plastic body, its cables and probes are made out of stainless steel. In other words, there’s no space for worrying about durability.

However, one of its most interesting design features is undoubtedly the smart LED light. It changes color according to the info it wants to provide you with, making it much easier to tell how much you need to decrease or increase the temperature.

For example, the blipping red light means that the preferred temperature has been achieved. The blipping green light signals that the device has successfully connected to your phone, and so on.

Of course, all of this can also be monitored via the dedicated Android/iOS app.

The App

The Weber iGrill application supports a lot of gadgets, although there are some exceptions. It features plenty of digital grilling tools, such as temperature charting, unique recipes, custom alerts, as well as social sharing. Also, it allows the user to create his custom preset in order to ensure that the meat is cooked perfectly.

The user interface is sleek and intuitive. The app dashboard allows tracking and managing all connected probes simultaneously.  The in-app connection through Bluetooth makes pairing the phone with the base unit much easier and faster.

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek and durable design
  • Professional-grade probes
  • 250+ hour battery life
  • Custom and preset alerts
  • Graphing and exporting
  • Smart LED colors
  • An intuitive and user-friendly app
  • In-app Bluetooth connection
  • Overall 88% 88%


  • Not compatible with some smart devices
  • Possible connectivity issues


“I tried several gadgets of this type before and I can safely say that iGrill 3 is by far the best one out of the bunch. I tested it against other probes and the accuracy seems to be spot on. I like how quickly it pairs to my iPhone and how slick the whole interface is. It’s a great product and one I’ll happily recommend to my friends and neighbors.”

- James

Weber’s iGrill 3 is indeed one of the most accurate Bluetooth thermometers out there. However, it’s also one that displays the measured temperature in the most intuitive way possible. The user-friendly interface of the dedicated app makes it easy to figure out all the info and options.

What to Watch Out For

Not compatible with some smart devices

Unfortunately, some smart devices are not compatible with this thermometer. These include Huawei phones, iPad 1st / 2nd generation, iPhone 4, etc. Make sure you’re using an Apple device running iOS 9 or higher or an Android device running Android 4.4 or higher.

Possible connectivity issues

Some users reported Bluetooth connectivity issues, although we’ve experienced no such problems.

If this happens to you, repairing the unit with your smart device may help.

A Piece of Advice

Do you own a Weber Genesis II grill which uses propane fuel?  If you do, iGrill 3 can also allow you to keep an eye on the amount of remaining fuel. Once you install and connect the fuel level sensor, the fuel gauge indicator will be automatically displayed in the app’s top right corner.


iGrill 3 is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Its portability and versatility can make anyone’s grilling session much easier to handle. As it sports a pair of high-quality probes, quickly and easily connects to your phone, and has an app with a sleek and user-friendly interface, the iGrill 3 is undoubtedly a worthy investment.