Most of us are programmed to get our appetite going once we see grill marks. The truth is, they negatively impact the meat’s potential. Tan meat isn’t as juicy and tasty as brown meat.

Replacing the generic grates you get with your grill is one of the first thing’s you should consider. A well-designed grill grate preserves and transmits the heat much better, spreads it evenly, ensuring you’re getting the best browning on your meat.


The GrillGrates set-up allows you to cook with more control, even temperatures, and achieve better browning of meat and gorgeous sears without the char.


  • Even Heat
  • No Flare-Ups
  • Designed for 22″ kettle grills
  • Bold Sear Marks
  • Hard Anodized

Why Get It?

Weber 22 Grill Grates ContentCast Iron grates do get the job done, but only partially. They deliver a lot of heat, but only brand some of the surface with brown sears. Honestly, if you’re only enthusiastic about searing your stakes on a piece of metal, you can do a better job with a frying pan.

That’s just the top of the iceberg with cast iron problems. There’s also the smoke blocking and rust. The GrillGrates set allows you to cook your food evenly.

Not only does it evenly spread the heat, but it also amplifies it. With the GrillGrates set, turning food has never been easier. The set is very easy to clean and move from one kettle to another.

You also have the possibility of placing wood right underneath the meat to smolder or to flip it over to make a fine griddle. It even allows you to make great grill marks if you really want them.

The set is made of aircraft grade aluminum that never rusts and is composed of interlocking rectangles. Each rectangle plate comes with big holes that allow the combustion gases, smoke, and hot air to pass through while the heat stays. The concept is similar to that of the new infrared cooking systems, but comes at a much lower price.

The set amplifies the temperature of pellet grills up to 150-degrees and gas grills up to 200-degrees. The contraption blocks flare-ups, allowing you to get really crispy chicken wings without any scorching. Instead of replacing the generic grates, you can place the set over them and even out the hot spots.

Pros & Cons


  • Can be used for Vegetables, Fish and Pizza as well
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Flare-Ups
  • No Rust
  • Juices Sizzle Back into the Meat
  • Overall 81% 81%


  • Just an Add-On
  • Round Side is Sharp, Watch Out


“Have tried out various grates for my charcoal grill and this one is the best by far. I’ve shelled over 300 bucks on cast iron grates only to see them get corroded. Maintenance was also an annoyance.

I have a much enjoyable time now grilling as I don’t have to check up a few seconds to make sure the hamburgers aren’t burnt. Maintenance is and the result always the same, juice and tender.”

- Ben

That’s one of the biggest advantages of such a setup – the consistency. And the fact that there are no flare-ups to worry about, allowing you to enjoy the activity and relax, and that’s what grilling should be all about – fun.

What to Watch Out For

Sharp Round Side

In case you get it, be careful when you wash it. The round side is quite sharp and one can easily cut themselves.

A Piece of Advice

You can clean the surface easily by using a wire brush while the set is still hot. It’s better to use a long bristle wire brush rather than the ones specifically designed for grills. There’s almost no grease buildup.


The add-on is a significant improvement to any gas, pellet or charcoal grill. GrillGrates really does make the job much easier. The equal distribution of the heat results in far superior flavor, making this set well worth the purchase.