Having an ideally cooked meat isn’t that easy if you don’t have a good thermometer to monitor the cooking. Wireless thermometers are especially convenient for this – they allow users to move to their other tasks without having to be right next to the grill to watch the temperature.

That is precisely what makes ThermoPro TP20 Wireless so great. As it provides a range of 300 feet, it lets the user monitor his grilling meal from a distance, which can come in very handy in certain situations. Having the receiver attached to your belt and your hands free, you’ll be able to keep cooking and moving as normal.

If you’re interested in buying this grill accessory, we advise you to keep reading. We’ll be taking a detailed look at its features and analyze all of its advantages, as well as possible flaws.


This is a wireless digital cooking thermometer manufactured by ThermoPro.


  • Programmed with preset USDA-approved temperatures
  • Allows setting manual temperatures
  • Alarms for programmed times and temperatures
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Solid construction quality
  • Large digits on the LCD
  • Splash-proof

The purpose of this product is to allow the user to check the temperature of his grilling meat on the go.

Why Get It?

ThermoPro’s lineup of wireless meat thermometers is well-regarded among the cooking enthusiasts, and for a couple of good reasons. With TP20, you’ll be getting a high-end model with an excellent wireless range – up to 300 feet away from the food (with the transmitter). As you can already guess, this allows the user to carelessly work on his other dishes while the meat is slowly getting cooked.

Fortunately for the beginners, the company made this model easy to set up and super-simple to use. Indeed, TP20’s overall simplicity and ease of use are among the best reasons for buying it. The only thing you need to do is to take the product out of the box, put the batteries in, and you’ll be ready to go.

ThermoPro TP20 features two temperature probes. Out of these, one is used specifically for food, while the other one can be used for the same purpose but also for reading your grill/oven temperature. You’ll have to insert the first probe into the meal you want to control, and then simply place the second probe against the grate to follow its heat as well.

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Content

The transmitter (this is the part with the probes) and the receiver (the part you carry with yourself) come pre-matched wirelessly. In other words, you won’t have to match or pair these two devices once you insert the batteries – they’re ready to go right out of the box. The less tech-savvy cooking enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that there’s no messing with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

When cooking meat, you’ll be able to choose between the nine USDA-approved temperature options. Once the probe reaches the selected temperature, it sets off an alarm on the receiver.

However, the user can set his own temperatures as well – all that you need to do is to press the probe-selection button and then set the value with up and down buttons.

The receiver, on the other hand, can be set to alarm the user in case the temperature goes under or over a certain range – from 0°C to 300°C. You can switch to Fahrenheit by merely pressing the F/C button. A great feature here is that the receiver also alarms the user if he goes out of the 300 feet range.


The construction quality of this product is thoroughly impressive. The LCD screen is large enough and displays large digits. The receiver is splash-proof, allowing the owner to use it outside in the rain with no worries. The temperature probes are particularly nice, featuring braided steel cables that are quite long and give the user a lot of freedom for positioning the transmitter.

The accompanying manual is clearly written and reasonably complete and includes an e-mail address and a telephone number in case of any issues.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent value for the money
  • Accurate
  • Alarm alert
  • Good selection of preset controls
  • Simple interface
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Splash-proof receiver
  • Overall 78% 78%


  • 30-day warranty
  • Temperature range limited to above freezing temperatures


“I really like ThermoPro TP20, as it does everything I need it to do. I’ve owned the unit for almost three months now, and it does a great job when it comes to monitoring the temperature of the meat. Not only is it effortless to use right of the box, but it’s also very accurate and works perfectly once I set the temperature. Its probes measure consistently and I never lose the feed even when I’m at my neighbor’s place. I can’t imagine having to smoke a hunk of meat without this gadget anymore.”

- Richard

ThermoPro TP20 is indeed very easy to use – its user interface and controls are straightforward and entirely suitable even for the not so tech-savvy cooking enthusiasts. The ability to send feed within a 300ft range is undoubtedly one of its best features as well.

What to Watch Out For

30-day warranty

For some potential buyers, the 30-day warranty deal just won’t cut it, even though the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the probes.

Temperature range limited

In case you’re an experienced cook and would like to purchase a thermometer with a range below freezing, this model might not be your best choice. TP20 is best suited for baking, grilling, and smoking, and is not suitable for people with cold food temperature needs.

A Piece of Advice

If you decide to go for this wireless thermometer, remember that you’ll have to keep its probes nice and clean. This is due to the fact that a build-up of carbon on the tip can easily insulate the sensor, which often leads to false readings. Simply take a paper towel or a wet sponge and wipe off any visible carbon.


All in all, the ThermoPro TP20 is undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone who’d like to take their cooking to the next level. With a great array of features, a huge wireless range, and no complicated pairing procedures, it’s an easy-to-use and affordable device that provides the user with control no matter his location.