Are you a huge fan of BBQs and grilled meat? Do you like to experiment when preparing a juicy steak for your friends and family? Is grilling your passion?

If the answer to all of the questions above is yes, you have to keep reading because we’ve got a simple, yet handy accessory that will make your grilling easier and your dishes tastier.

The GrillGrate 2 Panel is a simple device designed to provide a couple of benefits that will make your meat juicier. It amplifies the heat of your grill, conducts heat more efficiently, and really, it makes grilling feel like a piece of cake.

The GrillGrate 2 Panel raises the rails and provides the top-quality results you’d usually see only in super expensive steakhouses.

The raised rails provide a steady flow of hot air that vaporizes drippings and juices from the meat. It can’t rust, and the interlocking panels are designed in such a way that they raise the temperature of the grill for a couple of hundred degrees. Let’s take a more detailed look at this fantastic grill accessory.



  • Resistant to rusting
  • Amplifies the heat of the grill
  • Flare-up protection
  • Efficient heat conducting
  • Vaporizes all drippings
  • Makes perfect sear marks
  • Evens out the heat

The GrillGrate 2 panel includes two 18.5″ x 10.5″ panels you place over the grill surface. The GrateTool is also included, so setting it up is almost effortless.

Why Get It?

The GrillGrate2 was invented by a man that loved grilling meat but didn’t like undercooking, burning, and all of the other problems that come with grilling.

The company came up with this simple but very effective way of making sure that their BBQ is perfect every time back in 2007. Their product has found its way to many steakhouses around the world.

The truth is that this little BBQ accessory makes all the difference when it comes to grilling meat. It makes everything much easier, and you don’t have to stand next to the fire all the time. The panels provide even heat and prevent burning of the meat as the fire can’t come in direct contact with it. Here are the benefits you get from the GrillGrate 2 plate.

Amplifies the heat of your grill

GrillGrates act like a magnifying lens when you put it over a heat source. The heat coming from the grill is amplified so much that it turns into infrared heat that moves from the rails to the meat. The transfer of heat is even and very fast. You can expect the railings to heat up to 350 F more than a standard grill.

GrillGrate 2 Panel Content

Protects the bottom plate from flare-ups

There’s nothing worse than having a lot of flame-ups when making your favorite grilled food. The plates prevent the flames from ever touching the food you are cooking. That means that you won’t get any charring or dying out. The idea for the GrillGrates comes from the aerospace industry where they use the same principle to control the flames around the fuel tank.

More efficient heat conducting

The GrillGrates are made from anodized aluminum which is excellent at absorbing and conducting heat. It’s far more superior to steel and iron. The distribution of heat is also even, so you won’t have problems with hot and cold spots on your grilled meat.

Vaporizes all the drippings

When you put a juicy piece of meat on a grill, it releases juices that drip into the fire. That causes flare-ups and dries out your meat. With the GrillGrates, the drippings fall into the small valleys between the rails where they evaporate without affecting the flavor of your favorite dish.

Beautiful sear marks

Everyone likes a juicy piece of steak with excellent thick sear marks that are usually impossible to achieve on a standard grill rack. This little accessory will leave perfect sear marks on any piece of meat, and you can easily control the flavor and the color.

You get a mix of perfect flavors, amazing looks, and super juicy meat by using the GrillGrates. All of your friends will be impressed with your grilling skills for sure


There’s no question about the quality of the GrillGrates. They are made out of aluminum, and that means that they are super durable and resistant to rust.

The grates are very practical as they are easy to clean and maintain. It’s hard to believe that such a simple accessory makes such a big difference when it comes to the taste and quality of your grilled food.

Cooking time

The cooking time depends on what you want to achieve, but it’s much faster than grilling meat on a standard rack. However, you will need to experiment a little to get a feel for the grates and to know what results to expect.

The infrared cooking speeds things up as the heat gets deeper into the meat, so it cooks evenly inside and out.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Works great with all grills
  • Made in the USA
  • No drippings
  • Prevents flame-ups
  • Overall 83% 83%


  • Not ideal for vegetables


“Grilling is one of my favorite hobbies, so I spend a lot of time BBQing on the weekends. I saw a commercial for GrillGrates, and I decided to try them out. It turns out it was the best decision ever!

The grates are really easy to use, and all of my steaks taste like the ones from the most expensive steakhouses. I would recommend them to all BBQ lovers out there. The GrillGrates will change the way you look at grilling food!”

- Sebastian

What to Watch Out For

Not ideal for vegetables

Since the grates raise the temperature for over 100 degrees, you should avoid grilling veggies.

A Piece of Advice

When preparing meat, make sure you take it off in time because it could get burned quickly if not attended to.


GrillGrates are a tiny BBQ accessory that makes all the difference when it comes to the taste and texture of your food. They are easy to use, cleaning them is also straightforward, but the most significant benefit is the excellent taste of your steaks. Enjoy it!